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Complex Oxide Nanostructures by Pulsed Laser Deposition through Nanostencils

We achieved parallel nanoscale patterning of ferroelectric complex oxides by pulsed laser deposition through a nanostencil (i.e., through a pattern of apertures in a thin free-standing membrane). Ordered arrays of nanostructured barium titanate (BaTiO3) were obtained onto different substrates in a single deposition step, at room temperature, replicating accurately the aperture patterns in the stencil membrane. After a postdeposition annealing treatment,

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Non-conventional micro- and nanopatterning techniques for electroceramics

An overview of non-conventional methods being used for micro- and nanopatterning of electroceramics is given, including various top-down and bottom-up approaches. Within the top-down approach, focussed ion beam patterning, electron-beam direct writing, nanoimprint lithography, and other next-generation lithography techniques are considered, whereas several physical and chemical self-patterning routes are described for the bottom-up approach. Also

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Challenges in the analysis of the piezoelectric response (Chapter 2)

(Introduction) The piezoresponse technique is based on the detection of local vibrations of a cantilever induced by a testing AC signal applied between the conductive tip of the scanning force microscope (SFM) and the bottom electrode of a ferroelectric sample. The cantilever vibrations are converted into an electrical signal by the position sensitive detector of the SFM and extracted from the global deflection signal using a standard lock-in technique.

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Possibilities and Limitations of Voltage-modulated Scanning Force Microscopy: Resonances in Contact Mode
Ferroelectric epitaxial nanocrystals obtained by a self-patterning method
Well-ordered arrays of pyramid-shaped ferroelectric BaTiO3 nanostructures
Impact of misfit dislocations on the polarization instability of epitaxial nanostructured ferroelectric perovskites
Local switching properties of dense nanocrystalline BaTiO3 ceramics
Piezoresponse scanning force microscopy: „What quantitative information can we really get out of piezoresponse measurement on ferroelectric thin films”
Contact Resonances in Voltage-Modulated Force Microscopy