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Meas’m Leading Particle Eff.’s

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Autori: M. Dima for SLD

Editorial: Phys.Rev.Lett., 78, p.3442, 1997.


We present evidence for leading particle production in hadronic decays of the Z0 boson to light-flavor jets. A polarized electron beam was used to tag quark and antiquark jets, and a vertex detector was employed to reject heavy-flavor events. Charged hadrons were identified with a Cherenkov ring imaging detector. In the quark jets, more high-momentum p, Lambda , K-, and K-bar*0 were observed than their antiparticles, and vice versa for antiquark jets, providing direct evidence that the higher-momentum particles in jets are more likely to carry the primary quark or antiquark from the Z0 decay, and that ss-bar production is suppressed in fragmentation.

Cuvinte cheie: quark/anti-quark production, leading particle