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Production Rates of Strange Vector Mesons at the Z0 Resonance

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Autori: M. Dima

Editorial: SLAC-R-0505, Stanford Linear Accelerator Report, p.1-250, 1997.


A study of strange vector meson production, „leading particle” effect and a first direct measurement of QCD strangeness suppression in hadronic decays of the neutral electroweak boson, Z0. The measurements were performed in e+e- collisions at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) within the SLC Large Detector (SLD) experiment. A new generation particle ID system, the SLD Cerenkov Ring Imaging Detector (CRID) was used to discriminate kaons from pions, enabling the reconstruction of the vector mesons over a wide momentum range. The inclusive production rates of phi and K*0 and the differential rates versus momentum were measured and are compared with those of other experiments and with theoretical predictions. The high longitudinal polarisation of the SLC electron beam was used in conjunction with the electroweak quark production asymmetries to separate quark- from anti-quark jets. K*0 production was studied separately in the samples, the results showing evidence of the „leading particle” effect. The difference between K*0 production rates at high momentum in quark- and anti-quark jets gave yield to a first direct measurement of QCD strangeness suppression in jet fragmentation.

Cuvinte cheie: K*0, Phi Production at Z0, first direct meas.'m of QCD strangeness suppr.