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Computer Program for Large Deflection Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Semi-Rigid Steel Frameworks

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Autori: Barsan, G.M., Chiorean, C.G.

Editorial: Pergamon Press, Computers and Structures, 72(6), p.699-711, 1999.


This paper presents an efficient computer method for inelastic and large deflection analysis of flexibly jointed steel frames, based on the most refined type of second-order inelastic analysis, the plastic zone analysis. The combined effects of material, geometric and connection behavior nonlinearity sources are simulated into an object-oriented Turbo-Pascal computer program automatically. This program was used to study the ultimate response of several steel frames which have been studied previously by other researchers. The example computations and the comparisons made have proved the effectiveness of the proposed analysis method.

Cuvinte cheie: Semi-rigid frameworks, Plastic zone analysis, Large deflections