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A computer method for moment-curvature analysis of composite steel-concrete cross-sections of arbitrary shape
Second-order Flexibility-Based Model for Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis of 3D Semi-Rigid Steel Frameworks
Practical nonlinear inelastic analysis method of composite steel-concrete beams with partial composite action
A second-order flexibility-based model for steel frames of tapered members
A computer method for nonlinear inelastic analysis of 3D composite steel-concrete frame structures

This paper presents an efficient computer method for nonlinearinelastic analysis of threedimensional composite steel-concrete frameworks. The proposed formulation is intended to model the geometrically nonlinear inelastic behaviour of composite frame elements using only one element per physical member. The behaviour model accounts for material inelasticity due to combined bi-axial bending and axial force, gradual yielding is described through basic

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Computer-Based Nonlinear Analysis for the Seismic Performance Assessment of Three-Dimensional Steel Frameworks

With the rapid advancement of computer technology, research is currently in progress to develop advanced nonlinear inelastic analysis methods and integrate them into the new and more rational advanced analysis and design procedures [1,2,3,4,5]. This paper presents an integrated system for advanced structural analysis and seismic performance evaluation of three-dimensional steel frameworks with rigid or flexible connections. The nonlinear inelastic

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A Computer Method for Rapid Design of Composite Steel-concrete Cross-sections

This paper presents an efficient numerical procedure for the rapid design of arbitrary-shaped composite steel-concrete cross-sections that are subjected to biaxial bending and axial force. The design procedure allows cross-sections to be designed by solving directly for the reinforcement required to provide a cross-section with adequate strength. The new numerical procedure developed in this paper shows very good stability in the presence of strain

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First International Conference for PhD students in Civil Engineering

Dear PhD student, Dear PhD supervisor, On behalf of the local organizing committee, we are delighted to invite you to participate in the first international conference (CE-PhD 2012) for PhD students, supervisors and experts involved in PhD civil engineering research programs. This conference is jointly organized by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Civil Engineering in partnership with SEnS Group. CE-PhD 2012 conference (

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A Fast Incremental-Iterative Procedure for Ultimate Strength Analysis and Design of Composite Steel-Concrete Cross-Sections
Computerised Interaction Diagrams and Moment Capacity Contours for Composite Steel-Concrete Cross-Sections

A new incremental-iterative procedure based on the arc-length constraint equation is proposed in order to determine both interaction diagrams and moment capacity contours for composite steel-concrete cross-sections. This procedure adopts a tangent stiffness strategy for the solution of the non-linear equilibrium equations thus resulting in a high rate of convergence. The proposed approach has been found to be very stable for all cases examined herein

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