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Isodispersion curves in flow injection analysis

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Autori: Danut-Ionel Vaireanu, Peter R. Fielden and Richard D. Snook

Editorial: Royal Society of Chemistry, Analytical Communications (of London), 36, p.407 - 408, 1999.


This paper describes experimental equations that relate the dispersion coefficient to the geometry and hydrodynamic parameters of a flow injection system. Data are presented as isodispersion curves (similar to isothermal, isobar or isochore representations). The results present a correlated overview, which makes theoretical evaluation of the dispersion coefficient simple. Geometric and operational parameters for a flow injection system can be established when the dispersion is to be maintained within certain limits. The parameters addressed in this study are: tube length (100–1200 mm); tube diameter (0.3–0.8 mm); injected volume (93 µl); and volumetric flow rate (0.75–2.0 ml min–1).

Cuvinte cheie: analiza prin injectare in flux, electrochimie, isodispersie // flow injection analysis, electrochemistry, isodispersion