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A logistic model for the electrochemical generation of active chlorine species on platinised platinum electrodes
A computer controlled system for water quality monitoring
A comparative study for assessing the effectiveness of solar trackers used in conjunction with photovoltaic power autonomous systems
Considerations regarding the polarity reversal in electrochemically generated hypochlorite
The use of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for interactions between food and/or the food additives and the packaging materials
The Electrochemical Generation of Ozone using an Autonomous Photovoltaic System
A Novel Information System for Studying the Interactions between, Foods, Food Additives and Packaging Materials
The Evaluation Of Weston Cell Reliability On The Basis Of The Electromotive Force Drift
Sulfonated polyether etherketonepoly(phenylenediamine derivates) composite membranes for fuel cell applications
The synthesis and characterization of a new composite material: Polysulfone-Fe3O4/TiO2