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Social Projectionism: A Vision For New Ethics In Social Welfare

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Autori: Stefan Cojocaru

Editorial: SCIRI & SACRI, UBB CLuj, Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, 13 Spring, 2006.


The article approaches social projectionism as an orientation within the new post-modern epistemologies, starting from its principles. At the same time, the author presents some phenomena generated by the post-modern perspectives opened by the new ideologies that produce new ethical orientations in social practice. These visions have made profound changes in the way the social services user is seen, the contextualisation of social practice, the volatility of social programmes and the development of the public-private partnership from the point of view of social constructionism. The marketisation of social services has conditioned the development of equality relations between the public service providers and the private providers, the adaptation of programmes to the local needs and resources and a permanent change, giving up the illusion of progress, recognising and using to their full potential the multilinear evolutions of the existing situations.

Cuvinte cheie: proiectionism social, bunastare sociala, practica sociala, marketizare, constructionism social // social projectionism, social welfare, social practice, marketisation, social constructionism