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The long range properties of protein structure and mobility

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Autori: V. V. Morariu, Oana Zainea

Editorial: Rom. J. Biophys, 15 (1-4), p.3-8, 2005.


A correlation investigation was carried out on the series atomic coordinates (MPV)
and temperature factor (Tf) respectively for protein main chains. The MPV series revealed
resemblances to the corresponding Tf series in the case of human hemoglobin and HIV-1 protease.
Each minor or major peak in a series had a corresponding peak in the related series. This brings a
qualitative evidence for the connection of the two parameters. The series were further subject to
spectral and detrended fluctuation analysis. They were characterized in terms of scaling exponents, as
the series showed long-range correlation properties. The MPV series are stronger correlated structures
and much less sensitive to ligand binding than the Tf series. The Tf series are comparatively much
more sensitive to the same factors. Thus the long-range correlation properties of the protein main
chain structure and mobility reveal two complementary properties of protein molecules. While
structure imparts constancy to the system, the atomic mobility represents function yet they are
intimately connected.

Cuvinte cheie: long range properties, proteins, temperature factors