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Post doctoral Fellow Opening @ Yale University

Be in the forefront of nanotube technology, high temperature superconductivity, biomedical applications and solar harvesting!

The job entails:
Synthesis of controlled property single-walled nanotubes of carbon, boron and gallium nitride. We have a templating process that allows tuning of mean diameter with a very narrow diameter distribution. We have demonstrated structure/chirality control over a range of diameters is our goal and we have demonstrated the ability to selectively eliminate tubes from the sample and achieve one main tube in a sample, not just for one diameter, but over a range.

Boron nanotubes (we are the only group in the world to produce these) are being developed for super conductor applications and cancer treatment. GaN nanotubes (only group to produce GaN SWNT) are being developed for electronic applications and as a catalyst support for photo catalytic production of hydrogen.

Expertise with TEM analysis is essential and experience with NIR and Raman spectroscopies is useful. The salary range is $38-48K per year depending on experience. Selected publications are listed below.

Dragos Ciuparu, Robert F. Klie, Yimei Zhu, Lisa Pfefferle. Synthesis of Single Wall Pure Boron Nanotubes. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108(13), pp. 3967-3969, 2004. (and News in Brief, April 8, 2004 Nature).
D. Ciuparu, P. Haider,Y. Chen, S. Lim, G. L. Haller, L. Pfefferle. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Investigation of Partially Reduced Cobalt Species in Co-MCM-41 Catalysts during Synthesis of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109(34), pp. 16332-39, 2005.
Ciuparu, D; Chen, Y; Lim, S; Haller, GL; Pfefferle, L, Uniform diameter single walled carbon nanotubes catalytically grown in cobalt-incorporated MCM-41 (vol 108B, pg 505, 2004), Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 108 (28): 10196-10196 JUL 15 2004.
M. Gherasimova, J. Su, G. Cui, Z. -Y. Ren, S. -R. Jeon, J. Han, Y. He, Y. -K. Song, A. V. Nurmikko, D. Ciuparu, L. Pfefferle. A nanocluster route to zero- and one-dimensional quantum structures by MOCVD. Physica Status Solidi (c), 2(7), pp. 2361-2364, 2005.
Y. Li, Y. Chen, R. Xiang, D. Ciuparu, L. D. Pfefferle, C. Horvath, and J. A. Wilkins. Incorporation of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes into an Organic Polymer Monolithic Stationary Phase for -HPLC and Capillary Electrochromatography. Analytical Chemistry, 77(5), pp. 1398-1406, 2005.

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