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Food habits of Rana lessonae and Rana arvalis in Covasna County (Romania)

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Autori: Sas, I., Covaciu–Marcov, S.D., Cupşa, D., Cicort–Lucaciu, A.Şt., Antal, B.

Editorial: Environment & Progress (Proceedings volume), 4, p.359-365, 2005.


The objective of our study was to bring data upon the feeding of Rana lessonae, Rana arvalis from Reci region, Covasna County. We watched at the trophic spectrum of this two Rana species the variation depending on species, sex, habitat and diurnal activity. The feeding of moor frogs is more intense in twilight period. The largest diversity of preys was presented in the stomach contents of Rana lessonae samples captured from the pool. The females both of the two Rana species eat a greatest variety of preys vis a vis the males. Only Rana lessonae captured from the permanent pool present in stomach contents a relatively high number of aquatic preys.

Cuvinte cheie: feeding, Rana arvalis, rana lessonae, Covasna county, Romania