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Public Space versus Private Space

1st Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere: Public Space vs Private Space

Conference Site:

Short Title: DISCORPS – CAPS1
First Circular

April 12-14, 2007 Thursday 12 – Friday 13 – Saturday 14

Deadline for abstracts and 1st registration: March 2nd, 2007

The Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere is organized by a team of professors and Postdoc researchers and hosted by the “Dunarea de Jos” University, Galati, Romania, in the framework of the DISCORPS CEEX Project, Discourse and Communication in the Romanian Public Space. The theme of this first conference is Public Space versus Private Space. The purpose of the conference is to provide background for productive discussion and peer evaluation for Humanities and Social Sciences colleagues who are interested in presenting their work to an audience and meeting people from related fields.

Topic Areas:

ˇ public and private
ˇ argumentation in institutional contexts
ˇ communication and argumentation on cultural issues
ˇ the transnational public sphere
ˇ values in the public sphere
ˇ cooperation and conflict in the public sphere
ˇ the public sphere and argumentative practice
ˇ persuasion strategies in citizen representation
ˇ conversational approaches
ˇ approaches to scientific and specialized discourse
ˇ political dialogue and polemic
ˇ public opinion
ˇ role of the contemporary citizen
ˇ civic engagement
ˇ legitimacy
ˇ media strategies
ˇ religion in the public sphere
ˇ the Internet and the public sphere

Papers will be presented in concurrent sessions. Presentations should last 20 minutes, being followed by questions and answers (10 minutes). The sections under which papers will be presented will be defined in the 2nd circular.
The conference languages are English, French and Romanian (for the presentations and the proceedings).
This first circular will be also transmitted in French and Romanian. The next circulars will include further details on fee payment, conference programme and accommodation arrangements. They will be sent by e-mail to registered participants whose papers have been accepted for presentation.

Scientific Committee:

Corina Andone (Netherlands)
Elspeth Broady (United Kingdom)
Muriel Fendrich (France)
Anca Gata (Romania)
Alain Milon (France)
Liliana Ruxandoiu (Romania)

Organizing Committee – Coordinator, Anca Gata

Ion Cordoneanu, Postdoc Researcher
Adela Dragan, Assistant Professor
Diana Popa, Postdoc Researcher
Virginia Veja, Professor
Marius Velica, Postdoc Researcher

Tentative Programme
(SR = Senate Room)

Thursday – April 12th
12:30 Registration and Coffee (SR)
13:00 Introduction by the Organizers (SR)
13:15 Plenary (SR)
14:00 Break (Refreshments)
14:30 Concurrent Sessions
16:00 Break (Coffee)
16:30 Concurrent Sessions18:00 Break
18:30 Cocktail

Friday – April 13th
09:00 Plenary (SR)
10:00 Concurrent Sessions
11:30 Break (Coffee)
12:00 Concurrent Sessions
13:30 Break (Refreshments)
14:30 Concurrent Sessions
16:00 Break
17:00 Dinner (weather permitting, boat cruise on the Danube)

Saturday – April 14th
09:00 Concurrent Sessions
10:30 Break (Coffee)
11:00 Concurrent Sessions
12:30 Final Discussions and Closing Plenary (SR)

Conference Fee: 40 Euros
The fee covers: conference materials, refreshments, cocktail (1st evening), dinner (2nd evening) and publication of the proceedings.
Travel and accommodation (15-50 Euros / night / person) – at the charge of the participants. Arrangements for accommodation to be made with the organizers.

Deadline for registration:

March 2nd, 2007

Abstracts shall be sent in an e-mail attachment by filling in the 1st registration form provided below.
E-mail address for communication, registration, and abstracts:
Subject of the message: CAPS1

Prof. Anca Gata
47 Domneasca Street
Main University Building
800008 Galati, Romania


Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere: Public Space versus Private Space Galati, Romania – April 12-14, 2007

Paper title
Abstract (500 words)
Last name
First name
E-mail address
Phone number
University / Affiliation
Language you prefer for communication English / French / Romanian


The organizers intend to circulate papers among participants by e-mail and to pre-publish papers on CD before the confrence. Consequently, the following instructions are to be followed by presenters:

1. Submissions to the proceedings – before April 6th, 2007 – should be sent by e-mail as a separate attachment to:
2. Use Word for Windows only.
3. The file name of the attachment should be the author’s last name followed by first name (Ex.: Velica Marius.doc).
4. Text in manuscripts may not exceed 8000 words (notes and references included).
5. Check grammar, style and spelling throughout the paper.
6. On the first page of the paper, mention: the title of the paper, the name of the author(s), the name of the university / affiliation.
7. Use 12 point type-size, Times New Roman font; lines should be single-spaced. No other formatting options should be used, except for TAB and ITALIC.
8. Papers should be subdivided in titled sections numbered 1., 2., etc. No outline number should be used (1.1, 2.3.1).
9. The first section (named Introduction) and the last section (named Conclusions / Final Remarks) of the paper should not be numbered.
10. Leave two lines extra space above and one line below each section heading.
11. The first paragraph of each section should not be indented. At the start of a paragraph indent one tab.
12. Citations must be in the body of the text and not exceed 4 lines.
13. Examples should be numbered (1), (2). Numbered examples should be separated from the main text by one blank line above and below them.
14. Do not use page numbers.
15. Note references in the text should be given between square brackets [1], [2]. Notes should be 10 point type-size and inserted as plain text at the end of the paper before bibliography and references section. Do not use the option INSERT Footnote / Endnote. Make notes only for comment purposes, not for references and bibliographical information. Do not use any formatting options in the footnotes.
16. Literature referred to in the text should conform to the following format: (Dahlgren 1995: 12).
17. Bibliographical descriptions of the publications referred to in the text are to be presented in a list at the end of the article, after the notes. The list is called References if it comprises only literature referred to in the text; it is to be called References and bibliography if it also includes literature not referred to in the text. Bibliographical descriptions should be 10 point type-size 0.5 cm-indented hanging and conform to the following format:
– books:
Dahlgren, Peter 1995. Television and the Public Sphere: Citizenship, Democracy, and the Media. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 1995.
– article in journal:
Asen, Robert 2002. Imagining the Public Sphere. Philosophy and Rhetoric 35.4: 345-67.
– article in book:
Fowler, Robert Booth 1995. Community: Reflections on Definition, in Etzioni, Amitai (Ed.), New Communitarian Thinking: Persons, Virtues, Institutions and Communities: 88-95. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press.