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L’espace du livre et l’espace de l’œuvre: la dissociation argumentative comme architectonique de l’espace littéraire

This study considers Maurice Blanchot’s "The Space of Literature" as an argumentation in favour of the idea that the (literary) work creates a space. One of the main characteristics of this space is that it takes the author and the reader to an out of time world, a crossroads where numberless ways open in front of each of them. Taking one way means giving up another, which makes any such decision painful. One of the most interesting concepts in

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Les „futurs” français: énonciation et interprétation

The paper is concerned with the pragmatic interpretation of utterances and discourse in which verbal forms such as the French "futur simple" and "futur antérieur" are used. Since each utterance can be equated to a speech act or can be seen as part of a speech macro-act, an integrated pragmatic approach of the above mentioned forms is possible. The pragmatic analysis leads to the possibility of elaborating a pragmatic taxonomy of the French "futurs"

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Public Space versus Private Space

1st Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere: Public Space vs Private Space Conference Site: Short Title: DISCORPS – CAPS1 First Circular April 12-14, 2007 Thursday 12 – Friday 13 – Saturday 14 Galati, ROMANIA Deadline for abstracts and 1st registration: March 2nd, 2007 The Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere is organized by a team

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