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Preventing the extinction of some rare species of fish from montain and hill waters within the context of the environment deterioration throught antropopression and geoclimatic changes

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Autori: B. Pasarin, I. Gilca, G. Hoha, A. Gruber, Alexandrina Diac

Editorial: Organizing Commitee of the XXXVI ESNA Annual Meeting, Iasi, Romania, Ion Ionescu de la Brad, Iasi ISBN (10) 973-7921-81 X ISBN (13) 978-973-7921-81-9, Book of Abstract and Book of Papers, Esna Annual Meeting, Iassi Romania, XXXVI- th Annual Meeting of ESNA, p.38-40, 246, 2006.


Object of research: determining the numbers and distribution on categories of age and area occupied by huck stocks in Bistrita river.
Material and method: there have been performed observations, social surveys and check fishing, for two years (1996-1998), between the area called „Coada lacului Bicaz-Potoci” and upstream of Vatra Dornei.
Results: due to the reduction of the migration area, to the fragmentation of the natural biotope, to the clearing of the woods down to the banks of the river and to pollution, the area of the huck diminished, its lower limit having been determined a little downstream of Brosteni locality.
Discussion and recommendations: it is vital to reconsider the power plant building on Bistrita river, between Bicaz and Vatra Dornei, constant repopulations, bank afforestation, observance of the prohibition and removal of poaching.

Cuvinte cheie: disparitie, specii rare de pesti, implicatii umane, schimbari geoclimatice // extinction, rare species, antropopression, geoclimatic changes