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Studies on LV DC network

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Autori: Dragos Deaconu, Aurel Chirila, Mihaela Albu, Lucian Toma

Editorial: 12th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications – EPE2007, p.6, 2007.


In this paper, one application targeting a small-scale DC network supplying signal processing laboratory (personal computers, universal motors and other low-voltage, low-power loads) is proposed, in order to analyze the technical interconnecting possibilities of isolated power systems.
As a first step, simulations using the already implemented network elements models in DIgSilent were performed in order to choose an optimal location of the generation units, considering restrictions related to available space, safety and future development. The next step was to develop mathematical models of the loads characteristics when each module is supplied with direct voltage, in order to further test direct DC supply of the laboratory. The paper is a consequence of the new approach oriented to innovative technologies for integrating dispersed and intermittent sources (DG) into distribution networks.

Cuvinte cheie: DC power supply, modelling, power quality, efficency