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Multi-criteria reconfiguration of distribution electrical networks for minimization of power losses and damage cost due to power supply interruption

The paper presents a reconfiguration method for electrical distribution networks under normal operating conditions. The method uses a multi-criteria objective function that considers economic related aspects: the cost of power losses and the cost of damages due to power supply interruption following some faults occurring into the distribution network. The restrictions of the optimization problem are related to arborescence, connexivity and the security

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The control of isolated power systems with wind generation

The present work investigates the dynamic behaviour of a mixed system consisting of a wind farm and a diesel group supplying a load, under different disturbances. In this regard, dynamic models and control systems that enable the generation part to support the grid are needed. The objective of this work has been also the implementation of the diesel group model and its afferent control system into Matlab-Simulink and to demonstrate their use by evaluating

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Trading ancillary services for frequency regulation in competitive electricity markets

With the introduction of the electricity market the system operators as well as the market operators are facing more and more unpredictable challenges. As a completive for the Day Ahead Market, the Balancing Market is meant to perform a more market oriented frequency regulation by using a merit order for real-time dispatch of the generators, particularly for the secondary regulation as well as for the tertiary regulation. Due to the social implications

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Studies on LV DC network

In this paper, one application targeting a small-scale DC network supplying signal processing laboratory (personal computers, universal motors and other low-voltage, low-power loads) is proposed, in order to analyze the technical interconnecting possibilities of isolated power systems. As a first step, simulations using the already implemented network elements models in DIgSilent were performed in order to choose an optimal location of the generation

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Management of ancillary services. Technical and economical aspects
Congestion management in the electric power systems
Electric Power Systems, Volume I, Electric Networks

Modern power systems are the result of continuous development and improvement, which, over the years, leaded to highly sophisticated and complex technologies. Their reliable operation is a tribute to the work of dedicated scientists, innovative engineers and experienced business leaders. This volume has been thought as an introduction part to a treatise consisting of three volumes, with international cooperation, describing in a comprehensive manner

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