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Plants used in traditional handicrafts in several Balkan countries

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Autori: Dogan Y., Nedelcheva A.M., Obratov-Petkovic D. & Padure Ioana Marcela

Editorial: Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 7(1), p.157-161, 2008.


The aim of the study is to show some of the most common and popular plants used as raw in some traditional handicrafts in Balkan countries, in relation to the natural plant resources and national traditions. The information is gathered largely from literature, analyzing the findings in the existing ethnographic collections as well as field collected data and interviewed during field survey conducted during 2006-2007 more than 50 local informants using non-structured interviews. Arundo donax, Cannabis sativa, Corylus avellana, Fagus sylvatica, Fagus orientalis, Morus alba, Phragmites australis, Salix spp., Typha angustifolia, Urtica dioica, Vitex agnus-castus were found to be commonly used in the manufacturing of wood articles, mats & rugs making, basketry and fibers producing.

Cuvinte cheie: Balkan countries, traditional handicrafts, ethnobotany // Balkan countries, traditional handicrafts, ethnobotany