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Change detection analysis for urban development in Bucharest-Romania using high resolution satellite imagery,

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Autori: Sandric, I., Mihai, B., Savulescu, I., Suditu, B., Chitu, Z.

Editorial: University of Pavia, Italy, IEEE, 2007 ISPRS Urban Remote Sensing Joint Event, 2007.


The evolution of Bucharest during the last 40 years showed spectacular changes, as a result of the socialist urban policy. The paper investigates the leading transformation of the urban structures, comparing declassified CORONA KH 4 intelligence imagery from 1966 (the beginning of changes) and IKONOS imagery from 2004 (the present-day situation). Data automatic classification (object-oriented, fuzzy logic hierarchy) was tested on the both imagery samples. The result was not a valid one. Imagery interpretation together with field mapping were applied on four case studies, superposing on the most transformed areas. A big number of old houses cvartals disappeared especially on the place of the huge Palace of Parlament building, a half of the historical centre was replaced by block of flats, some old churches disappeared or moved etc. Big block of flats ensembles appeared on fallow ground to the edge, but some of them like Titan were built after the demolition of old small houses districts. Based on these results and taking into account the present-day urban policies, we tried to create a probability model for the areal development of these urban structures for the next four decades.

Cuvinte cheie: dezvoltarea urbana, imagini CORONA, corectii, imagini IKONOS, transformari // urban development, CORONA imagery, correction, IKONOS imagery, transformation, socialist period