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3D GIS software for post-fire burnt area assessment

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Autori: Mateescu M.L.

Editorial: Geographia Technica, 2, p.56-65, 2006.


ABSTRACT – The apparent lack of a robust tool to produce 3D rendering and animation of
burnt areas lead to the development of the BAS2 (Burnt Area Statistics 2) utility. As the
post-fire burn assessment is becoming more and more important in developed countries
(USA, EU), systems to rapidly evaluate a post-fire situation are being set in place. The
reporting phase being the crux of this process, a tool to create accurate, beautiful and
customizable 3D scenes is a welcome guest in the GIS world. Released under an open
source license, this utility can be extended by interested actors.

Cuvinte cheie: SIG, Incendii, 3D // GIS, Forest Fires, 3D