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Simularea unui reactor catalitic monolit de postcombustie pentru oxidarea monoxidului de carbon

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Autori: Câmpeanu, A., Fillotti, L., Onuţu, I.

Editorial: Revista de Chimie, Vol. 54, nr. 12., p.981-993., 2003.


Simulation of post combustion monolith catalytic reactor for the carbon monoxide oxidation. The steady-state simulation of the monolith catalytic converter uses a lumped 1D pseudo heterogeneous model, which accounts for mass and heat transfer between the bulk of the gas phase and the stationary gaseous boundary at catalyst surface. Kinetic model is summed up to one reaction, carbon monoxide oxidation to CO2 on a Pt/Al2O3 catalyst, considered representative for reactor performances. Structural parameters of ceramic monolith and converter feed like those of current automobile converters were used. The simulation determined the profiles of CO and O2 concentrations and temperature along the axial coordinate, both for the bulk gas phase and boundary layer, the results being close to those given by the other models described in literature.

Cuvinte cheie: simulare, monolit, oxid de carbon, cinetica, transfer de masa si caldura // simulation, monolith, carbon monoxide, kinetics, mass and heat transfer