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Aspecte privind aditivarea catalizatorilor industriali de cracare cataliticã

This paper is studying the effect of the adding of ZSM 5 and MCM 22 zeolites on the performances of industrial catalytic cracking. The experiments are carried out in a Microactivity Test (MAT) unit. The effect of additivation, without the influence of hydrogenated elements (Ni and V), was shown on VISION 527 catalyst, additived with ZSM 5 zeolite, in increased rates, from 5 to 25 percent, MCM 22 zeolite, respectively. There are presented and discussed

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Simularea unui reactor catalitic monolit de postcombustie pentru oxidarea monoxidului de carbon

Simulation of post combustion monolith catalytic reactor for the carbon monoxide oxidation. The steady-state simulation of the monolith catalytic converter uses a lumped 1D pseudo heterogeneous model, which accounts for mass and heat transfer between the bulk of the gas phase and the stationary gaseous boundary at catalyst surface. Kinetic model is summed up to one reaction, carbon monoxide oxidation to CO2 on a Pt/Al2O3 catalyst, considered representative

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Fabricarea combustibililor petrolieri ecologici. Scheme complexe de rafinãrii.

Changes in product specifications has been the dominating factor in the development and mass introduction of distillate and residue hydrotreating processes over the past two decades. Stricter specifications in the foreseeable future will require extensive performance improvements for these processes. Furthermore, the introduction of oxygenates and the reduction of aromatics, olefins and Reid vapor pressure (Rvp) will dictate the introduction of new

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Impact of using biodiesel as a lubricity additive in petroleum diesel fuel

The production of ultra low sulfur diesel fuels is related to worsen of some specific for them properties - eg. lubricity, the oxidation stability, the electrical physical properties. Tests conducted with low sulfur No. 2 diesel fuel on High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) showed that it causes unacceptable wear due to poor lubricity. Reduced lubricity could be corrected by addition of a high lubricity additive, like as biodiesel. Biodiesel, which

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Romanian refining industry preparing for future

Significant changes in the Romanian petroleum industry are expected to be set in motion during the next five to ten years due to its private competitional position, national and European community requirements and programs, and as result of the consumption forecast. A drastic decrease in fuel oil demand and a drop in gasoline consumption and the corresponding increase in mid-distillate demand is projected and expected beyond 2005. Regarding the specs,

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