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Graphic Devices Used by the Editors of Ancient and Mediaeval Manuscripts to Mark Verse-lines in Classical Hebrew Poetry

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte umaniste + Tipuri publicaţii > Capitol de carte

Autori: Silviu Tatu

Editorial: Marjo C.A. Korpel et al., Leiden: Brill, Method in Unit Delimitation, Pericope, 6, p.92-140, 2007.


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This article surveys the means used from Antiquity to mark the Hebrew verse in Biblical literature. A wide range of manuscripts are included from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the incunabula of late medieval times. Several techniques known even in early times resurface time and again. Among them one can trace blanks, various symbols, and graphemes. These offer enough reason to admit that the ancients had a good impresion of what poetry is and a good sense of taste when it came to literary aesthetics.

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Cuvinte cheie: Psalms, Delimitation criticism, Psalms, History and Criticism

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