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Transport Mechanisms in Cracked Concrete

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Autori: Audenaert K., Marsavina L., De Schutter G.

Editorial: Audenaert K., Marsavina L., De Schutter G., Acco Leuven, Belgium, Proceedings of the International RILEM Workshop, p.127, 2007.


In order to discuss the transport mechanisms in cracked concrete, a small workshop was organised in the framework of the bilateral scientific cooperation between the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, Ghent University, Belgium and the Department of Strength of Materials of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania. In this research project, the influence of crack formation on chloride penetration in reinforced concrete was studied experimentally and was numerically
simulated. The scope of the workshop was to discuss the research results obtained within this bilateral project as well as the results presented by other researchers. The exchange of new research results and ideas, will hopefully be helpful to all researchers in this area.
These proceedings contain twelve papers dealing with research related to transport mechanisms in cracked or damaged concrete. The support of RILEM TC-CCD, chaired by Prof. J. Weiss, in the organisation of this workshop is greatly acknowledged. We also greatly acknowledge the financial support of the Special Research Fund of Ghent University.

Cuvinte cheie: cracked concrete, transport mecanisms, chloride penetration