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The Exchange Rate Regime and International Trade

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Autori: Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

Editorial: Managing Global Transitions, 5(4), p.355 – 369, 2007.


The study of the relation between the exchange rates regime and international
trade is done using an inter-disciplinary vision that contains
knowledge from four different disciplines: economics, history, mathematics
and computer sciences. In the case of pure theory of international
trade, there is made an abstraction of the fact that international
trade is done using money. The theoretical analysis of international
trade including themonetary factor deals with static equilibrium
and linear models.We conceived a macroeconomic model of the world
economy and used this model to make three simulation experiments.
The conclusion of these experiments is that a broader exchange rate
band has a negative impact over the volume of world trade. This conclusion
is confirmed by the historical analysis.

Cuvinte cheie: historical analysis, macroeconomic modelling, simulation