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The Length Of Coding Sequences In A Bacterial Genome: Evidence For Short-Range Correlation

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Autori: Oana Zainea , Vasile V. Morariu

Editorial: World Scientific Publishing Company, Fluctuation and Noise Letters (FNL), 7(4), p.L501 - L50, 2007.


Series of coding sequence lengths extracted from the chromosome of Bacillus subtilis were subjected to detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA). The non-linear characteristic of the DFA plot was interpreted in terms of short-range correlation. The analysis was performed on series consisting of the whole chromosome coding sequences, as well as on the leading and lagging strands. These were compared to the same series subjected to a randomization procedure. The series were divided into two halves, which also revealed different short-range characteristics. Similar results were noticed for seven strains of Escherichia coli. Therefore, the short-range correlation characteristics are sensitive to species and strains and could be used for comparative investigations of microbial genome organization.

Cuvinte cheie: Short-range correlation, detrended fluctuation analysis, coding sequences, bacterial genome