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Cumulates and gabbros in Southern Albanian ophiolites: their bearing on the tectonic setting.

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Autori: Koller, F., Hoeck, V., Meisel, T., Ionescu, C., Onuzi, K., Ghega, D.

Editorial: Robertson, A. H.F. and Mountrakis, D., The Geological Society London, Geological Society London, Special Publications, 260, p.267-299, 2006.


Abstract: The western belt of the Southern Albanian ophiolites consists of six major ophiolite massifs (Voskopoja, Rehove, Morava, Devolli, Vallamara, Shpati) and two smaller ones (Luniku and Stravaj). Each massif has a distinct sequence of mantle tectonites, ultramafic cumulates (plagioclase-bearing peridotites and wehrlites), cumulate gabbros, troctolites and isotropic gabbros. Voskopoja, Rehove and Morava have predominantly lherzolites as mantle tectonites, Shpati lherzolites and harzburgites and Devolli and Vallamara almost exclusively harzburgites. A volcanic section together with volcanogenic sediments occurs only in the Voskopoja and Rehove massifs as well as in the smaller Luniku and Stravaj massifs. Whole-rock geochemistry and mineral chemistry suggest a mid-ocean ridge setting for the origin of the cumulates and gabbros from the Voskopoja, Rehove and Morava massifs, with only a minor suprasubduction zone (SSZ) influence. The Shpati massif and the small Luniku massif show mid-ocean ridge (MOR) and SSZ signatures in their plutonic sequence. Cumulates and gabbros from Devolli and Vallamara formed in an SSZ setting. The predominance of MOR-generated crustal rocks and the relatively minor occurrence of SSZ-generated plutonic rocks together with the volcanogenic sediments in the Voskopoja and Rehove massifs are indicative of a back-arc basin origin of the western belt ophiolites above a westward-dipping subduction zone.

Cuvinte cheie: Ofiolite jurasice, cumulate, gabbrouri, Dinaride-Hellenide, Albania, MOR-setting // Jurassic ophiolites, cumulates, gabbros, Dinaride-Hellenide, Albania