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Le système catégoriel de Whitehead

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Autori: Bogdan Rusu

Editorial: 2007.


The dissertation examines the categorial system proposed by Whitehead in his “Process and Reality” (1929). This system is analysed and discussed by means of comparisons with other categorial systems (those of Aristotle, Kant, Alexander). The analysis shows the singularity of Whitehead’s position, and, by analysing the way in which Whitehead makes use of his categorial system in “Process and Reality”, suggestion is made that the roots of his conception are more likely to be found in the scientific practice rather than in the philosophical tradition. Finally, a sketch is offered of how the non-statement view of the empirical theories worked out by the metatheoretical structuralism (Sneed, Stegmueller) could be used to isolate the function of the categorial system within the cosmological theory associated with “Process and Reality”

Cuvinte cheie: metafizica, filosofia procesului, categorii, sisteme categoriale, Whitehead // metaphysics, process philosophy, categories, categorial framework, Whitehead