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Application of capillary electrophoresis for soil monitoring

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Autori: C.Draghici, Gh Coman, E.Chirila

Editorial: Simeonov Lubomir, Sargsyan Vardan, Springer, Soil Chemical Pollution, Risk Assessment, Remediation and Security” (NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security), p.385-393, 2008.


Soils are complex systems, in direct contact with plants and animals, surface waters and ground waters, where very complicated biotransformation processes of the pollutants occur. Soils characterization as one of the most challenging subject for researchers, no only the environmentalists, due to the complexity of this media, combined with the fact that land is used with so many and different purposes. Soil chemical composition, inorganic, organic and biochemical compounds, can nowadays be determined by use of a large variety of analytical methods. This paper presents capillary electrophoresis as an alternative and competitive method to the spectrometric and chromatographic ones, for soils composition characterization

Cuvinte cheie: capillary electrophoresis, soil samples, inorganic and organic pollutants