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Contamination of soils by waste deposits

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Autori: E.Chirila, C.Draghici

Editorial: Simeonov Lubomir, Sargsyan Vardan, Springer, „Soil Chemical Pollution, Risk Assessment, Remediation and Security” (NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security), p.13-25, 2008.


The purpose of this paper is to present original results concerning concentrations of eight metals in soils adjacent to municipal waste deposits from Constanta County, Romania, during April-October 2006. The surface and depth soil solutions were obtained using aqua regia and the applied analytical technique for metal determination was flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS). The mean measured values ranged as follows: Cd: 0.09 – 0.15 mg/kg dry weight; Co: 7.92 – 9.27 mg/kg dry weight; Cr: 11.37 – 13.86 mg/kg dry weight; Cu: 16.91 – 20.92 mg/kg dry weight; Mn: 379 – 441 mg/kg dry weight; Ni: 20.58 – 28.95 mg/kg dry weight; Pb: 7.24 – 9.08 mg/kg dry weight and Zn: 44.28– 49.93 mg/kg dry weight. Except nickel all other metals concentrations have been founded below the normal limits accepted by the Romanian regulations. As a general observation, in depth soil concentrations are higher (Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb) or similar (Mn, Zn) than in surface samples (except cadmium and cobalt)

Cuvinte cheie: heavy metals, soils, FAAS, waste deposits