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Studies about remediation of contaminated soils with toxic metals

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Autori: E.Chirila, I. Popovici Carazeanu

Editorial: Simeonov Lubomir, Sargsyan Vardan, Springer, Soil Chemical Pollution, Risk Assessment, Remediation and Security” (NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security, p.139-149, 2008.


The heavy metals pollution of soils represents sometimes a serious concern regarding the earth’s health, and therefore studies about heavy metals removal from contaminated soils are of increased interest. The aim of this work was to study in situ Cd and Zn immobilization in three types of contaminated soils with synthetic calcium phosphate and also to present new results concerning the influence of EDTA on the extractability of Cd and Zn in both natural and metal-amended soils. The proposed treatment stabilizes efficiently cadmium and zinc, 97.6 – 98% for cadmium and 100% for zinc on all types of studied soils. The obtained extraction efficiencies were for naturally occurring metals 8.9-27.7.1 % for cadmium and 20.4-37.2 for zinc; in the case of metal-amended soils the extraction efficiencies were higher: 20.4-56.1 – cadmium and 62.3-80.9 for zinc.

Cuvinte cheie: metals immobilization, polluted soils, EDTA extraction