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CRM Kernel-based Integrated Information System for a SME: An Object-oriented Design

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Autori: Lupse V., Dzitac I., Dzitac S., Manolescu A., Manolescu M.-J.

Editorial: CCC Publications- Agora Univ. Ed. House, International Journal of Computers Communications & Control, 3(S), p.375-380, 2008.


We propose an object-oriented design of an information integrated system for
a SME. Our design is based on a kernel which implements CRM functions. This kernel is
conceived as an independent subsystem and it is the first to be implemented. The others
added subsystems are designed in a way that they will gravitate around the kernel. This
type of integrated information system is developed in the iterative and incremental steps.
CRM kernel implements basic functionality of the system, which stresses the financial partner
relationships management.

Cuvinte cheie: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Small and/or Medium Enterprise