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Optimal Control of Wind Energy Systems; Towards a Global Approach

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Autori: Iulian Munteanu, Antoneta Bratcu, Nicolaos Cutululis, Emil Ceanga

Editorial: Springer Verlag, 2008.


Optimal Control of Wind Energy Systems presents a thoroughgoing review of the main control issues in wind power generation, offering a unified picture of the issues in optimal control of wind power generation. A series of optimal control techniques are analyzed, assessed and compared, starting with the classical ones, like PI control, maximum power point strategies and gain-scheduling techniques, and continuing with some modern ones: sliding-mode techniques, feedback linearization control and robust control. Discussion is focused on a global dynamic optimization approach to wind power systems using a set of optimization criteria which comply with a comprehensive group of requirements including: energy conversion efficiency; mechanical reliability; and quality of the energy provided.

The main results are presented along with illustration by case studies and MATLAB®/Simulink® simulation assessment. The corresponding programmes and block diagrams can be downloaded from the book’s page at For some of the case studies presented, real-time simulation results are also available, illustrative examples which will be useful in easing technology transfer in control engineering associated with wind power systems.

Cuvinte cheie: Control, Control Applications, Control Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Optimal Control, Optimization, Wind Energy, Wind Power, Wind Turbines