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Farming system and habitat structure effects on rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) assembly in Central European apple and pear orchards

Domenii publicaţii > Biologie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã


Editorial: BIOLOGIA, in press, 2008.


Abstract: In field experiments over a period of five years the effects of farming systems and habitat structure were investigated on staphylinid assembly in Central European apple and pear orchards. The investigated farms were placed in three different geographical regions with different environmental conditions (agricultural lowland environment, regularly flooded area and woodland area of medium height mountains). During the survey, a total number of 6,706 individuals belonging to 247 species were collected with pitfall traps. The most common species were: Dinaraea angustula, Omalium caesum, Drusilla canaliculata, Oxypoda abdominale, Philonthus nitidulus, Dexiogya corticina, Xantholinus linearis, X. longiventris, Aleochara bipustulata, Mocyta orbata, Oligota pumilio, Platydracus stercorarius, Olophrum assimile, Tachyporus hypnorum, T. nitidulus and Ocypus olens. The most characteristic species in conventionally treated orchards with sandy soil were: Philonthuss nitidulus, Tachyporus hypnorum, and Mocyta orbata, while species to be found in the same regions, but frequent in abandoned orchards as well were: Omalium caesum, Oxypoda abdominale, Xantholinus linearis and Drusilla canaliculata. Species Dinaraea angustula, Oligota pumilio, Dexiogya corticina, Xantholinus longiventris, Tachyporus nitidulus and Ocypus olens have a different level of preferences towards the conventionally treated orchards in clay soil. The species composition of the staphylinid fauna in apple and pear orchards could not be considered uniform. The environmental conditions and the soil together have a significant influence upon the richness of species, and the cumulative effects of these factors can modify even the dominance structures of the communities.

Cuvinte cheie: Environment; seasonal dynamics; soil; treatment