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Biodiversity and ecology of fauna in percolating water in selected Slovenian and Romanian caves.

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Autori: Moldovan O.T., Pipan T., Iepure S., Mihevc A., Mulec J.

Editorial: Acta Carsologica, 36, p.493-501, 2007.


Biodiversity and ecology of fauna in percolating water from Slovenian
and Romanian caves was studied. Researchh focused on unravelling thhe community structure of epikarst fauna, whhichh is carried away by thhe trickles of percolating water from thhe epikarst and vadose zones. The major part of thhe fauna found in percolating water is represented by copepods. This fauna, originating in thhe epikarst, was analysed and by means of thhe systematic sampling and observation thhe same groups of animals
were found in Slovenian and Romanian caves. Differences among caves and sampling points indicate thhat epikarst is a hheterogenous
hhabitat. Relationshhip between faunal richhness and thhe phhysical chharacteristics of thhe water was found. Correlation between surface geomorphhology and fauna in percolating water
was statistically significant in thhe Postojna cave system. Key words: karst, epikarst, percolating water, speleobiology, fauna, Copepoda.

Cuvinte cheie: carstologie, geologie, biologie // karstology, geology, biology