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Autori: Carmen Cornateanu

Editorial: 2008.


For me, The “Missing Earth” ( ) Crop Circle is an E.T. riddle:”Sun, Mercury, Venus…But where is the Earth? It is there, somewhere, in the third thin black ring circle. Then Mars… And where are the E.T. Civilization/ technology?” There, somewhere in the big fat and black ring circle ( a broken planet is the best for the ET-mining industry).

From Black Holes to the Big Bang (Is my own Question)

What powered the Big Bang? What was before?

What is Life? What is Time?

What happens at the edge of a Black hole?

What is dark energy?


Interconected blackholes

My personal observation is referring to the fact that, even it disposes of an infinitesimal small energy, the light particle are traversing in time infinite large spaces. And that`s why my questions. Which are my conclusions? First, the tiny particles are in fact attracted/ absorbed by many negative pressure rays crossing each other from eight directions, as I later discovered, studying the sun on the sky, as the largest available source of light we all have under observation. All around the Sun, I observed eight Major Lines that the light is following them, being absorbed by almost three hundred thousands km/s. Besides the fact that every Major Fascicule is stealing energy particles from others last stratum Fascicules, making the source of light and every observed photon looking like hexagons being rounded under eight Major Lines crossing each other. I noticed eight hexagons, not octagons, because I`m describing a 3D image. If we watch the sun, or another source of light, we can observe first only six Major Lines that we are able to watch them just because the seventh Major Line is carrying its own photons and the stolen photons from other major Lines to us, on our direction, in a 3D space. Is this the Holly Grail of the science, that philosopher stone with seven corners. Why not? Going further we`ll found that, looking to the sun rising, we are able to see the seventh Major Line, but looking later we`ll able to see the eighth Major Line which helps us to see the set of the sun. The seventh and the eighth Lines may be considered as heights in the 3D images. The fact that we are able to see in the same time the red color of the photons that are going far away in the space, the blue one of the approaching photons and the yellow one of the photons which the Lines are stolen every one to each other , still keeping their consistence and balance brings me to the conclusion that all this Lines belong to the over lapped fields of energy , having a terrifying force of energetic absorption , generated by some giants of any kind of energy engorging. The only thing I have thought about , was the Super Giant Black Holes. The Universe which surrounds us is itself surrounded by at least eight spinning SGBHs. Their unified magnetic fields are Retransforming the matter in the energy which are all absorbing , in the same time , on their composed forces of absorbing vortex directions. Yes, they are retransforming, because energy and matter are always converting one in each other, in an endless battle. The carrying away the energy from, inculcate /improve to the matter a movement on the carrying away the energy direction. And because this carrying away from is doing in the same time from many directions, a spinning movement started up around the matter congestion axis, even if it`s a planet or a galaxy, at the congestion thickness level, a rotation movement around the center of the system that belongs, at the supers thickness level but also to the orbit level (existing at the intersection of two symmetrical SGBHs in hyperspace) and because the traction forces generated by the carrying away the energy from matter resist to this carrying away too, are assembly on the Major Line that have more influence, an accelerate movement of displacement appear on this direction in the same time with the other two movement.

Just because for every revealed answer I found for each another question too, I came to the conclusion that our Universe is in fact built from a lot of relics of at least one SGBH that the others SGBHs assembled their forces, scrambled it into thousands billions of superchips (“mini” Black Holes – BHs) how I gave them a name, them selves BHs generated their own absorption forces (their resultant escaped from decomposition in the Zero Point) unable to join rapidly and so rebuilt the SGBH from which they shoot/spring in the Big-Bang blast, collecting around them the matter arisen from the Devoured SGBH, when (hypothesis ) a part from its force, rounded up in infinite small passed off from minus infinite to plus infinite through the Zero Point, which doesn`t mean “the none”, but the place where the absorbing forces resultant and then its decomposed from the Devoured SGBH have been dissolved in an relative equilibrium zone, a negative relative infinite force twisting zone , from minus infinite to another minus*minus infinite, means to +infinite, to the Devouring SGBHs, on their resultant direction, through the one annihilated resultants energy turns into the matter surrounding us in the universe, starting with the first atom and until accomplish with the last atom. In my opinion, the Big Bang is the expression of the force that had “birth” to the matter, as a support of the templates/pattern of life him self (like the biblical:“overriding the death/deadliness”). The supergiant Chip Black Holes (SGCBHs) rejected by the incredible force of explosion started up/arisen in the zero point (of the Big Bang) – resulted from : the absorbing force accumulated from unified fields by starved SGBHs resultant force direction and one or two percent from wolfed/devoured SGBH saved in what we are named today as being atomic nucleus – collected around their the nearby matter, sufficient enough to “built” galaxies, that while they come off the Zero Point, are accelerating purchased by the major influence of a “starved” SGBH and by the thickness speed and energy. On their way, SGCBHs – each one surrounded by the proto-galaxies matter – are able: to attract one to each other, meet and orbiting each other with all consequences until building spinning galaxies. Another personal conclusion is that photons doesn`t impart each other information, but they are addressed through repeating templates branded in every point wherever for ever in every gradually “mesh trammel” system (the real soul/heart able to spirit up), inside gradually swirling thickness until the edge of the matter congestion and beyond it, until meeting the major absorbing field around each SGBH, in the surrounding unified field of our universe. I suspect that energy particles are following the unified field power lines in each point and their manifestations are very violent directly proportional with the energy emerged or found in that point , expanding in hexagonal “mesh trammel” concentric system, at six swirling energy absorbing fields intersection, milder and milder concomitant with the removal from the point of force application liberating energy and having its level based on intersection between: seven and eighth SGBHs symmetrical united swirling magnetic fields and the integrated magnetic fields of the others six SGBHs , generating magnetic field lines of the entire universe and in every existing or starting up energy point. It`s possible that the precession movement of the Earth, during (apparently) twenty six thousands and four hundreds years is depending of seventh and eighth SGBH`s swirling polar vortex rotation movement.

1.b. – Cropcircles – ancient Gods`knowledge

Very shocking I realized (when I was trying to sketch drawings of unified field forces lines) that diverse representing planes look alike so called crop circles (all of them!). So I concluded that crop circles are a part of benchmarking process for human knowledge level. More than that , an E.T. superior civilization is shocked to observe that humans beings are using such energy waves , without knowing what are carrying them through the Universe and were else they are heading away. So, different sizes circles draw one after others and tiny circles around them must be the 3D representation (from different angles) of a SGBHs row file by three parallel planes of intersection: a Bigger plane, of the all engorging SGBHs unified field, a medium plane of three opposite SGBHs to the forth one unified field and a plane of absorbing swirl force, infinite concentrate nearly every single engorging SGBH. My conclusion is that E.T sending all these drowning –signs, had already found a way to understand what is existed beyond all these SGBHs. Is it possible to travel through the center of each (absorbing only but energy and never absorbing matter) SGBH, a place where because the absorptive speed, the movement (related to the flux of absorbed energy as a reference system) might be done as through a storm eye (The God Eye from the top of the pyramidal vortex, after the Mayan pyramids model and not only), just at a superlight speed? And beyond this, what will we find? A parallel universe born through its own Big Bang, rejected from its own wolfed SGBH? It means that every SGBH is connected through every half of it to at least two parallel universes. „The scorpion” (ready for attack) shape above – described might suggests that every bigger SGBH is trying to engorge a little one, before unifying their all forces in a resultant common force over their common absorption. They seams to attract each other (because the “mesh trammel” system that catch them and their energy) and orbit each other (and even trying to engorge each other are attracting them in a something like a swarm of bees that unify them against the poorest amongst them getting in their unified forces way by assembling their absorbing forces of energy. So as another crop circle, seems like a long twisted tail rose, can`t represents something else than a SGBHs ”swarm of bees” unified, trying to break a SGBH sitting in their unified field forces way .

Another consequence of drawing the different displayed field forces plans intersected in forces nets , the discover that in all this of many lines reminding of ancient life and light signs holy mystical kept by humans till our present days. It’s about the so called magic protector, kept in the people`s folklore or in the so called God’s architectures used in Temple, Islamic and Christian churches and great gothic cathedral constructions, as their names are (Germanic peoples are saying Got or God when they are referring to God).The fact that the human beings were decorating their houses, clothes and shields whit all these signs when they were gone in battles, proves that spokesmen of a very progressed civilization made humans to understand that these lines represent the Biggest Forces in the Universe, some protective others not so protective, but that at their understanding level, humans treat them as signs with deep mystical significance, just good for devoting them , to improve the Universe ,,Spirits”. The same, all this prove that the fear that such civilization having a high-technologic level could have squashed us long time ago but they never wanted that (as proof, our simple existence on a planet with easy to conquer territories) would like to destroy us is exaggerate and dishonored us. Referring to these signs, this might be: the fish sign, representing the swirling forces intersection from the Unified Fields between swirling field lines of two joined less SGBHs in front of the SGBHs between them, but also at the intersection between two SGBHs joined including the intersection with seventh and eighth SGBHs, to the last one, seems to rise up six “energetic fishes” not for like to the others, then the Key of Life resulting from intersected circles revealing other signs, roses, pyramids graphic representing swirling forces up and down in spiral, David’s Star graphic constructions illustrating six columns unified by vault arches, sitting in front of other six columns vaulted unified, the two rounds being tied in their ends, thorough an arch, but also Islamic churches. Then, the six arms cross sign and six shining points (like Buddha), the four arms cross sign and four shining points having at each end of arm three pyramids of force and light each coupled and up warded to the top, columns of force twisted corkscrew, that while they rise up are splitting in two and three parts and each up wards farther and farther on other pyramids direction, straightened up to the SGBHs ravenous demons and the columns number is regularly multiple of four or six. Some of them are major lines; others are super major lines, born by the conclave of forces existing between two SGBHs relative approached. A round of six halves of sphere intersected, symmetrical two by two, having over and underlying a half of sphere each and their voluble hexagonal distorted fields are rotating them symmetrical over the other six halves of spheres. The other halves of spheres are orientated each to another Universe and to the space between them.

The sun model is presenting us in every moment of his visibility its six major lines and two super major lines too. Anywhere in the universe, all eight fields’ lines are intersecting each other and their intersected lines draw the line at “trammel meshes”, them selves inconspicuous (infinitesimal) models for the “cubic universe” that are drawing the matter`s shape (considering the major and super major lines influences, function of how near are of a SGBH and its resultant force lines surrounding it inside successive matter lays existing inside the Super net, the astrology is a very serious science with the postulate that we have to preordain very carefulness conditions inside that a solar system watched from a very long distance, compress so much the distances between planets’ orbits insomuch as it doesn`t matter who around whom is rotating, and the planet`s study might be done in function of the received influence – in its own compounded forces and resultants` net – from the others planets the central star positions/places around it or during its movement over its own orbit around the sun) , starting from the atomic nucleus and ending with the universe`s shape. More than that, the lines of these intersected fields (the Super net) is always attacking the matter bit by bit, from the positive zone, through the Zero Point (Zero energy),transforming(converting) it back as much as possible into the energy feasible to be absorbed (by the SGBHs negative pressure). And this is happening in every atom in the universe at so called electrons `orbits level, going on until planets `orbits, borne at the intersection of unified fields lines of SGBHs opposite each to each other in the 666 system in the deep space, retransforming the matter in the energy to absorb it as free electrons and other energetic particles.

1.c. – Cosmic Time and Cosmic Life

The same thing is happening to us too, but without floating or rotating us in the air, because we`re living under our planet for gravity strong influence. We`re a part of the matter and the matter`s struggle to retrieve its ripped off energy bring it to put in an appearance the gravity. At our atoms inside level, our energy is carried away from us as electrons and at cells level we`re purveying matter for converting it through “our” metabolism (in fact the Super Net metabolism) into caloric and other forms of energy and so we win Time. In fact, this releasing of energy waves process and even all these unified field’s lines, have to be the Time its self and its wolfing action. Probably that, the matter trying of reabsorbing from around it some parts from its carried away energy, was founding the way to issue the organic life as we know it and the carbon`s (combining to all elements) role in the process of absorbing energy for finding through crystallization a relative equilibrium could be dominant besides the water that temperate the process wherever conditions was permitting it a liquid estate /status. Please, let me explain this. We all are learned that (as a consequence of the energetic flux absorbed by SGBHs) it`s existing a so called halving process of matter and at living organisms we all are perceiving the aging process (the halving of life).

If the organism detains enough resources to resist to this uninterrupted wrench and absorbing energy flux (inside the negative pressure forces field), this organism is surviving and has enough “time “to develop him self and the life phenomenon is able to exists as we all know it, before its transforming by releasing energy into the necessary matter to another form of life development, constrained to be transformed and absorbed as energy inside many smaller net “mesh trammel”. But I also observed that the caloric energy detains an essential role in the wrenching and absorbing energy process from the matter. As the temperature is higher and higher, the negative pressure of transformation, wrenching and absorbing energy is higher and higher on both of them (mater end energy), redoubling the process of metamorphosing the matter into energy and the energetic absorbed flux(from matter) becomes much powerful but they come down in the same time with the decrease of temperature. I`m not referring to the stars because it`s obviously clear that in the same time with increasing physical mass under the action of negative pressure forces, the temperature is increasing too, concomitantly with the inside increasing pressure, under the forces action outflanking them from the outside, passing through their each center from at least eight(all) sides, traversing them and carrying away from them their energy( matter transformed in energy) in all directions to the “starved “SGBHs. I`m not referring to the planet Earth too, cause it`s obviously why the big glacier era was taking place after massive wastages of energy suffered by our planet during and after tectonic and cosmic cataclysms (nearly excluding it from absorbing circuit) until its energetic mass retrieval (under the stone crust, from its own resources: matter, negative pressure and its resultant – the positive pressure – the nuclei`s energy ) , very necessary to bring the planet back in the life`s proliferation ideal conditions system.

I`ll refer to the based on carbon organism`s life (like us). Besides a relative small interval of so called thermal comfort, in fact an interval inside that the water is in a liquid form and doesn`t strive to transform massively its liquid status into solid or gassy status, an interval of equilibrium for us, we can observe in every side of this interval, crazy behaviors of organisms. Advancing to the temperature positive values, we`re observing an escalation of energy transformation from matter and so, an acceleration of the Time, so that at a temperature around one hundred Celsius degrees (the water boiling point), inside the water than otherwise maintains life, some organisms that might be borne in this water (because the speed of Time) should almost instant fossilize. I also observed that inside big pressure, even the transformation of matter into energy is speeding more and more, the absorption is almost stopped by the same pressure and the energy is dangerous accumulated. Cause it exists two kind of pressure: an “upward” pressure of energy to SGBHs (the negative pressure component from matter to the SGBH that belongs) and an apparently “descendent” one (the negative pressure component that carry particles of energy from around the opposite SGBH, than the SGBH from it comes) to the center of the congestion of matter that resist to the transformation into energy (from matter) and to the ripping off of it. Descending the temperature values under the thermal comfort level, we can observe a decrease of matter transformation power, a reduced flux absorbed energy by the SGBHs field lines, and inferior plants, bacteria stuck in time even millions of years, coming back to life in the same time with increasing temperature, like the time itself would slow down so much so that the extreme infinitesimal energetic flux are able to sustain and still preserve life in the presence of water. Probably, at zero absolute (minus 273 degrees ), Time itself stops, the unified field waves being unable to absorb any drop of energy and the organic Life ceased because it depends of matter but also of the energetic flux development between relative moderate limits permitting to replace the grabbed energy. This could be the moment of the relative void (not absolute void, because energetic transforming and absorptive fields lines of SGBHs never disappear), the moment (BEFORE BIG BANG ! ) that SGBHs are starting to (re)attack each other violently (helped by the last energy from the squashed matter being the most nearly than ever around each SGBH) and a new replacement of them lead to the fact that a SGBH being in an unhappy position to be attacked and grabbed from it as a matter a “small” part(about2% of it ) from its primordial accumulated energy and the fight starting by attacking and transforming the energy (from Super Wolfed Black Hole) into “mini” Black Holes (SCBHs) and matter and continues by retransforming it and absorbing it as a pure energy restarts.

1.d. – Our ancestors knew from Gods about Big- Bang

An artifact “received” from antiquity – representing an oil lamp having a ship shape decorated on its borders by corkscrewed circles and others two amounted extremities (the prow and the astern) and intersected lines in the middle suggesting Big Bang lines, in the crux rising up a fragile blaze, source of the initial light (illumination) – is proving the existence in that ancient times, on our planet, some wide knowledge from a similar to our civilization. In ancient prophesies foreboding the Gods’ coming back to the planet Earth and the Great Judgment to “prosecute” us, could narrate about the “today human being” judging through archeological and historical methods our ascendants (including the genetic study of dregs maintained by mummification)? The “Sky Gates opening” could means that the decipherment of universe`s mysteries could start our inclusion among super developed civilizations from our universe and from others? From antiquity we`re receiving to many traces of at least one super developed civilization that`s why we can`t ignore them as simple concurrences or as proves that our ancients were much brighter than us inside ancient times when even the wheel could represent a super invention, they built up by bare hands monumental engineering very difficult to realize them by the today technology and then they became suddenly lumpish until the edge of big discoveries, until us. Many witness left us “written “testimonies in stone and many legends exists in the world`s public folklore attesting that in at least a certain moment, a super developed civilization existed among human beings.

1.e. – Is it Life a wolfing Time`s residual stuff ?

Harking back, even aliments kept in a cold place are preserving its qualities for a longer Time and aliments kept in a snug place are getting out of order, because for the last one the Time is speeding up and that`s why the transformation is speeding up too. As we all are learning in the school, the carbon changes its aggregation estate and crystallize dense being the hardest cold element that we ever know at pressures ant temperatures that others elements would lay down for a long time ago, meaning they would melt and vaporize (an accelerated transformation into energy inside high temperature). Probably that`s why the carbon is the base of the maintenance of life. The water that reflects and inflects the light that absorbs thermal energy and preserves a lower or a higher temperature just in case, in the thermal comfort interval and so a reasonable flowing Time to organisms living inside or using water, decreasing the absorbed energy flux by unified fields and so helping the matter to keep its own status for a longer time. The water that even passed through a metabolic process is still eliminated as water. The water that is boiled (supercharged by energy) doesn`t destroy its conjunctions but accumulates the energy that surrounded it and that`s why starts to float as vapors and then condenses, loosing its “hydrofoil” in the same time that vapors are loosing the energetic redudance, redundancy that first defied gravity forces and then attracted vapors up in the unified fields` net to the colder layers (big consumers of easy to steal energy inside the force lines of the negative pressure. I suspect that the water molecule preserves itself as a molecule, consuming a lot of energy, energy that water is absorbing it in every moment from the energy that surrounds the water inside the positive pressure field (even from the unified field energy flux). The oxygen molecule could be found guilty (the “atomic fief” of energy), because it is the one that in the absorption process of energy, it`s catching hold of others elements forming oxides and jumps from an element that doesn`t give away its energy to another (like the iron) that emaciate it quickly of any form of energy, crumbling it in oxides (traces of what ever that iron was). Even more, its property that providing for fire is covering an accelerate energy absorption, as though it is the particle of famished (just like Cronos, the God of Time) Time. Probably even the lightening phenomenon is inhering just because of energy absorption that the oxygen particle is doing (from the energetic flux of SGBHs` unified fields, field abashed at material heaps of clouds) accompanied by hydrogen atoms whichever are not able to declutch it, although the oxygen atom is “magnetically” interested of the energy inside hydrogen atoms. That`s why, maybe, the water is quenching the fire. The hydrogen, even if it`s stocking huge energies, needs a huge pressure to release a part of its own energy, but the oxygen is absorbing energy in any condition and combine itself with the carbon element (a large depositary of energy at high pressure and temperatures) resulted after burning, towering (because of remaining and not yet absorbed energy around the carbon) along with it as a monoxide or dioxide of carbon.

1.f. – Negative pressure – is generating also gravity, not only wolfing Time and Life

*Every negative pressure line that cross the universe between two SGBHs (and their resultants) in the moment of meeting with a congestion of matter apparently splits (only on the portion that meets the congestion of matter) into two components: a part of pure negative pressure but apparently (just apparently!) positive that breaks through the congestion of matter till its center, becoming more and more powerful because of the temperature that is raising up in the same time with the positive pressure(it participates besides the other lines at the continuing of the mesh of trammel in side that taking part at the transformation more and more powerful of the matter in energy and its absorption from the outside to the center, provoking the starting of positive pressure forces inside the matter where the consequences – regarding the false help given to the matter generating its own negative pressure lines over direction of ripping apart of the stolen energy more intense nearby its core, because the heat generated by the all kind of energy congestion in reclaiming its ripped away energy by the lines that comes in or goes out from the congestion matter with all absorbed energy – of starting up and maintaining the gravity force) and the second, a part of pure negative pressure that is crossing the congestion of matter from the center to the outside( on SGBHs` direction which it generated it) more and more weaker in the same time of the remoteness from the hot center(continuing to participate in the mesh trammel net which the part is, at the transformation of matter in energy that is absorbing and sending away). If my theory is true, it means that in favorable for Life, the passing by of the energetic flux (the mythological Snake of Life) inside of the eight SGBHs unified field through the matter left some other traces then developing and aging. It left Templates of Life, or the so call genetic code which evolved at the confluence between energy fluxes: the ripped away ones in the unified field`s net on a side and the replacing ones from the environment (an axes between two magnetic poles), starting the living organisms` metabolism inducing shapes in the Universe, starting with the shape of: cells, organisms, planets, stars and even of the Universe.

Starting from the observation that the eight SGBHs unified field lines took action at the level of every atom inside a congestion of atoms starting from outskirts to the center and continuing from center to the opposite outskirts in gradually layers when they are ripping off from eight sides the stolen energy from the matter (besides subatomic links – wolfed SGBHs assimilated relics that opposites now to retransforming and absorption) but taking action as an ascendant negative pressure of absorption each from the edge of the Universe from inside the unified field to the SGBH itself – some call them black holes because not even the light can escape and be studied in the visible spectrum – are pushing the atoms some to the others from all sides starting the formation of cosmic bodies from universe, from the dust and little rocks until planets and rocks. Generally, this process could be compared with the model of the matured peach squashed simultaneous inside the hands` bail that could pass from a side to the other, one through the other with it`s juice. As we strangled stronger, the force that is taking action from outside to the peach inside, squashed the peach. This could be the matter. But under the same action of the negative pressure force that squashed the matter, the peach juice released itself from the clutch of the fruit cells and come out to the surface where it`s springing to the all sides. This could be the energy ripped off from the matter. So as the Super Chips from the wolfed SGBHs are collecting around them some matter, forming galaxies, the same some cubs of different sizes that shoot off from the explosion that lighted stars are collecting around them enough matter to form proto–planets on orbits whichever they arrived in the blast of the explosion.

As much as the matter congestions are bigger, such in the planet case because of huge positive pressure created in the center by the ascending forces of negative pressure that are taking action simultaneously from outskirts through the same center to the opposite outskirts that strived to squash the matter the dislocated energy flux increased (a part is absorbed, a part is accumulating as a thermal energy that helps to dislocate faster the energy from the melted stone for example).Cause the dislocation and absorption is doing by thermal intake at the contact surface between the field lines and the planet starts a temperature difference. The same between field lines and the atmosphere are starting up storms between different layers having different temperatures (energetic charges of different levels).If the difference of the temperature starts at the planet`s surface the touched point of solidification of the melted rock from which is made, then at the planet surface starts to appear a solid crust that increased its volume to the inside planet. And because not all types of energy are able to cross this solid crust, are assembling energetic supra accumulations inside the planet that helps to accelerate the matter transformation into energy under major lines` action passing practically through anything as proof as the light that follows the same major line even then when its source is emerging into a cave deep inside the earth`s deepness as a sign that the unified field lines are passing over any kind of matter. Photons don’t. These, if they meet a small obstacle don’t pass and the shadow phenomenon appears. When the accumulations of energy power inside the planet’s core, over exceeds the force of pressure in the solid crust, the last one is broken in plates and micro–plates in the most solicited places by the swirling fluxes of forces and it records different phenomenon as the round and cyclical abducting of the tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, geysers and many others. In the places where the crust doesn’t exist, it means that they are gassy volumes of different temperatures since the hot one haunted by the extremely violent storms function of temperature as the energy flux from unified subfields until the frozen one with a few or speechless storms – or they are giant volumes transformed into stars, and its energy is so big that doesn’t permit the matter to solidify evaporating it and degrading it in continuous energy fluxes point even there at the contact surface it should exist a difference of temperature between the matter exposed at converting into energy process, the contact surface with the exterior absorbed energy flux over the field lines from inside out matter, but insufficient for a cool down that to be able to solidify. In there an over accumulation of energy around the stars could be due of a process of a slower absorption process then the converting matter process into energy, there for could attract on behalf of SGBHs stronger and colder field fluxes regarding the source of energy conducting to real energetic storms at a cosmic scale.

Another observation could be that of the giant storms even they are interacting with matter, they are absorbing just energy until established relative equilibrium as a sign as SGBHs don’t absorb matter and the process started will occur until the last atom will be unfolded indifferent of the distance to each SGBH even if it will be needed that the last remained matter to over exceed the unified field territory and to spin around its SGBH in an approached lay out until the total squashing.

1.g. – Gods`files:

If eight wolfed SGBHs exist, we can think that the Universe born from the wolfed SGBHs is the night sky from legends or the Heaven from people’s beliefs. The same is if any kind of parallel Universes exist. Even we name them as Black Holes, there must be a huge quantity of light and others radiations. Could be they the darkness demons that are absorbing the rounding light? Is this the source of time itself? What’s happening with absorbed energy from parallel Universes? If we consider the perfect hiring Sphinx’s Head inside a regular hexagon and its nemesis that seems with a SGBH field, in its center should exist something like a “brain”, some intelligence or at least something like interconnected neurons inside a net in which every mesh trammel belongs to the hyper net, each one contains its own Universe. The hyper net as Islamic churches arabesques, could mean that the laws of physics are the same valuable in each from parallel Universes. E.T. “ambassadors” came back to show us what they discovered in the meantime? I’m referring at the time measured in rotations numbers of the planet around its own axes and the round the system’s star not to the time that is stealing our life as Chronos from the Greek mythology. And so they founded a human race weakened by unending wars between “brothers” (fratricide) that risked to bring humanity to extinction? Is that means that harems were the single reasonable solution to take in condition that not a chance to raise up the singles’ numbers shouldn’t be missed in the most predominant feminine population? And the intelligence of Hyperspace being outside of parallel Universe from which they are absorbing energy whoever is representing. Is it possible to find the God himself “The Father making all skies and earth from which all are creating”? And the Creation Day was measured by each SGBH complete rotation around its own axe? And the Holy Spirit “puffed” over the loam (matter), could be the energy vortexes existing from the micro cosmos level until the macro cosmos (as Mayan pyramids that show us the way through the storm Eye until the house of Gods’ platform, as an example)? The Fibonacci Role could be a mathematic solution of energetic vortexes that are conducting not only organism life but of all kinds of storms, explosions as manifestation of some forces that are compounding them through their summation in resulting forces that are compounding forever in a huge mobile continuing inside that nothing is loosing but everything is transforming? Personally I believe that anything is possible. And the so called fylfot sign is showing us that in fact the light rotation sends by the way to the SG so called BHs. It’s the light sign sitting between matter and each SGBH. The Golden Cross between us and demons that protect us till the Net will have a place from which absorbed electrons (in the same time with the last electrons, the cross shall turn off).

1.h. – Wolfing Time could be slowed down or speeded up – as we wish :

My conclusion is that all is moving in the Universe starting with electrons’ orbits and Brownian movement and finishing with evolution and revolution movement of the planets, stars and galaxies are sitting under the movement of energy absorption voluble fields starting for the core of every half of each SGBH and from their fields’ intersection. They are existing even small animals that are feeling all these fields as small radiolarian or bees that are building their hexagonal honeycombs following the eight field lines that are intersecting inside unified field and many others. In plus, I suspect that at a temperature about eleven Celsius degrees, time itself can be slowed down as so as human lives hope to increase, proportional in each faze of their development that might conduct to an increased of sizes, in the same time with increasing period elongation such as childhood and teenager hood. A possible proof to support this affirmation might be the fact that in antic mythology, Gods were living in the mountains, a possible explanation being the low temperature kept on the top of the mountains. The same the fact that Gods (titans I believe are planets, as the titan that is keeping the Atlas mountain on his back or even a complex of forces raising from the planet’s core manifested on its surface through this mountain chain) and atlantes had impressive sizes. As far as the greenhouse effect that surrounded the planet is stealing our life in an accelerate time and speeds up the decreasing of planet’s energy with manifestations extremely violent (the vortexes energy size and force is directly proportional with the quantity of energy including temperature) until a point in which the unified field net itself that we belong will be weaker and weaker because the missing energy that will follow as so as including the magnetic field will slow down much dangerous in an extremely short time vis a vis of normal intervals of producing of this phenomenon inside which will remain almost without magnetic field (as on Mars), thrown away in the Ice Age until the planet will recover (almost lethal slowly) the energy underneath the crust. A temperature that low, as so as to annihilate almost totally the unified fields’ waves could do that atoms (relics of the wolfed SGBHs) to continue to absorb each from each energy (keeping them first strong tight as steel) till they emaciating their power being unable to be kept by gravity, their link risking to break explosively.

1.i. – The cancer – a consequence of wolfing Time`s extreme rates

Another result, this time, immediately, to the accelerating Time (energetic) is cancer that are making cells to proliferate uncontrolled in a time so short that proliferations are producing over the cells that didn’t finish their life period before being replaced by other new cells that are still appearing cause time is hurrying them: the overloaded energetic flux of exchanged net is attracting new atoms (as energetic values existing in the net and that will develop the same time of energetic flux, if it doesn’t appear any mistake of “construction” somewhere) and built under the same templar new cells. Another type of cancer, a degenerative kind could be the one due to the big energy consumer time’s retardation starting the asphyxia and then the death of the cells before being replaced by other new cells that doesn’t start appear because the energetic vortexes extremely weak (the system hasn’t got power to proliferate in it’s own templates too much energetically weak to attract proper atoms) they’ve retarded the time (possible causes: a bigger concentration of carbon that is a passive holding and non-interactive of energy and that starts the retardation of energetic flux; the insufficient energy quantity that are replacing the dislocated energy; the movement missing that increase the energetic metabolism that first induce weakness etc.). Even the terra-formation of a planet hostile to life, hostile by its incapacity to provide a sufficient quantity of energy over the unified field lines of absorption from its surface that to maintain the life fluxes of energetic exchange should start with their activation by eight energy sources situated in the tops of the planet inscribed cube and moved as it is possible closer and closer to its geometrical center, for being possible to activate and preserve its magnetic field and temperature, after that the terra formation could be produce by itself, without any help but so could be hurried. Humans shouldn`t try to bring there micro organisms for helping the terra formation before existing enough energy over unified fields lines at least inside “the working sector” because microorganisms couldn`t help the terra-formation cause them selves wouldn`t be able to survive at missing minimal energy all-important to exist inside unified fields lines that are crossing the “new “possible terra-formatted planet ( the so-called dragons `lines), even its surface could be bombarded by a lethal field of radiations.

This moment the planet of Mars is in an energetic collapse induced by the huge leakage of energy from its core during the volcanic irruption that built the Olympus Mountain twenty-five km high. In the present, inside the transformation and absorption forces action from inside the highly energy consumer SGBHs negative pressure, the planet is rehabilitating its interne energy under its extremely thick and tough crust traceable to the cohesion process due to the same forces that brought it to the temperatures that embraced it until the energetically pressure shall be able not only to pass through the crust, but also to build another Olympus Mountain that will emaciate it of energy again till the next energetically retrieval.



From Super Giant Black Holes to the Universe`s Cube


3 .a. – Considering the resulted sketches and respecting in their reading principles that life means genetic templates (energetically nets and information) and processes of exchanging energy (transforming a form of energy, including matter, into an another kind of energy all important to sustain the life of an existing entity of a regardless type: energetically the main type, mineral and energetically, based on carbon and energy and any combination of them), I concluded that it exists at least three major groups of Life:

I. – THE ENERGETIC LIFE represented by the Supergiant Quasars (SGBHs: Alpha I plus Alpha I.1 till Alpha I.6 and Alpha II plus Alpha II.1 until Alpha II.6, or the “The Universe`s Divine Bowl “ ) the same big energy ravenous as their concentric fields unified in primary energetically nets (is it possible that Alpha I and Alpha II be the biblical “Alpha and Omega”?), Major and Super major Lines (among them being the diagonally Universe`s Cube, a Super Major Line that is connecting the Universe`s Magnetic Poles from which we are at a distance that is keeping our planet inclined approximately at 22.5 degrees from the rotation axis, over the magnetic pole direction, as “ Storms` Eyes” or “Worms `Holes”, real “Interstellar Gates” inside the known Universe but even between existing Parallel Universes ) and different Major and Super Major Lines` Resultants.

II. – ”Children” of the first type of Life (moderated by “Mega-Chips Black Holes” resulted after the Big-Bang and grouped as three in each galaxy center, as from “infinitesimal small chips” too, ganged in what we`re all calling as atomic nuclei inside the Net, even at a micro level – “tiny chips” gushed too from inside the disintegrated SGBH through eight SGBHs `force that are now also bordering the Cube of Universe – but also at a macro level ) represented by galaxies, stars, planets and natural satellites around planets (all these “children”, indifferent of their sizes having the same shape and I haven’t yet heard about celestial rhombic or cubic or etc. corps , even their shape are resulting by different “swirling cubes” inside the Net`s Cube), meaning MINERAL LIFE, a blending of minerals and energy from inside eight halves of SGBHs unified field of energy that governs our Universe trough so called physic `s laws (I wouldn`t be surprised if one day, opening my PC ,on the screen would appear at least two eyes and a mouth to ask me what am I doing) ;

III.– BIOLOGICAL LIFE based generally on carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, but also energetically fluxes inside atomic nets and tiny quantities of ionic minerals, starting with bacteria to biped human being extremely intelligent and curious , creating tools and technologies. So, the question that we all are asking about our planet uniqueness in the Universe as being the single Life carrier doesn’t have any purpose. The Universe itself and even the electromagnetic fields’ Net inside the hyper space are life forms having genetic prints, metabolism and capacity to create new energetically or matter combined with energy type forms of life. Even our existing parallel Universes, due to Engorging Cubes parallel existence, are able to be components of another life form inside the Net that reminding us the neuronal Net and so having its own intelligence as a True God that created everything after His Face and semblance but less intelligent shared out in more and more tiny energetic Nets that are resonating in different proportions with the Supreme Intelligence.

3. b. – Life – from Time`s congestions, starting with God, through titans, proceeded Gods as our ancestors:

Is it possible that God be a form of energy that is summating the energy of all parallel Universes from which He’s “feeding” and not a person detaining Super natural Powers as we all are believing? He can’t be seen by any eye so the Bible said that He created our Universe (the sky and the Earth – Uranus and Gee’s matter, The SGBH from who erupted first the Big Bang), it means galaxies, planets and satellites lighted up all stars (Fiat Lux ), but even the Time itself Cronos, one of the God`s sons thrown away in the cosmic space Tartar ?), the One that generally preconceived and wolfed Life but, as the legend is telling us (transforming it through its own metabolism into electrons feeding Himself and Supreme Intelligence’s “neurons”) and Zeus too, Cronos the rebelled son after it was first saved by his mother from the starving mouth of his father (incapable to make difference between a piece of stone and a small child because among stones, water and carbon, started a new form of Life), the first form of life based on carbon consigned in profane legends as being material, having its own mobility, gifted with an intelligence comparable to his own Gods parents, much superior to its father that defeated Him and from his innards, he managed to free his brothers (he defeated and banished The Time for living in immortality!), the One that became the Lord of the matter and the recognized as king of his brothers, as a sign of superior intelligence that made him stronger than them, even if he was younger (the intelligence appeared the last and since then are progressing). More than that, He appreciated not only the physic and mental power, but also on beauty and tenderness and is able to feel love (protector or fervent as is becoming, regarding to his on-comings and to those that recognize his leadership status) he’s got sons and daughters as Gods and (attention, please!) semi-gods, he’s able to punish the unfaithful and he’s even afraid of his wife jealousy as a sign that the society he constructed it gave it a good behavior whichever himself as a unique representative of absolute power in his world is broking them in diverse situations (for ex.: when he fall in love with nymphs or human girls). Could this be the ET civilization`s story whereby our ancestors (being in an much inferior evolutionary level) interacted long time ago and their meeting testimony arrived to us as legends? Where did they come to us? Leaving apart myths we may think that they came from inside a zone of the Universe inside that, stars born approximately in the same time, in the last Big Bang first generation, started after billions year of existence to agonize and one by one demonic to die out, inducing them to run away to those regions inside which new stars started to fire from already dead stars congested overcrowded ashes. Could be Gods a civilization of energy that are distancing away to SGBHs (their red bodies had this signification or their white and delicate skin was more sensitive under the Sun’s rays inside the accelerate time?), and humans were an approaching to the Planet light civilization? Where are they now? Probably they leaved in a more secure zone. I suspect that (as I’ll try to prove that) they had many good reasons to do it as a billions of evolution and technology years, they had profited long time ago before us (humans born in a relative younger solar system) permitted them to do it. Studying the gothic Architecture, but also the big cathedra and churches’ pictures, I discovered that the cross and the haloes of light existing around the saints’ heads could suggest that all these are apart of a civilization being on a celestial corps existing nearby a SGBH inside a storm eye (the so called “the overseeing eye” emerged on the “Gates way” between the parallel Universes). I cannot see why this could be unacceptable. As if a few “intelligent “bacteria” could “discuss” somewhere around a source of electric energy and indicating to an electric functional consumer would say: “Do you see that? There is a BH absorbing the all approaching energy and if we would approach it, we would be complied to a “spagettification” process that would disintegrate us into atoms!” that is totally a lie. Using protective equipments, we can touch and repair them even they’re in function. I was referring to bacteria example thinking at their size, even I’m sure that looking from hyper space, the whole planet can’t be observed even close, with high technology equipments, the same easy as we’re observing a bacteria. Starting from the 26400 years of our planet precession, are representing the time inside that mega polar vortexes (started from Alpha I SGBH, respective Alpha II opposite in Hyper Space) are executing a full rotation around the mega line that unify the 2 magnetic poles of the Universe, a celestial body existing inside “the storm eye” inside the Mega Vortex interior, by the adequate Stars’ Gate Way, would live through this complete rotation a single day. So that one of their hours could be as eleven hundreds of our years, one of their minute as 18,(3) terrestrial years and one of their seconds as 116,6 terrestrial day, approximately 3 months and 10 days. Wow!!! This is the reason that priests are elongating at unending their prayer’s vocals? If we consider that entities populating that planet could live around one hundred years in their “world”, the computed number is out riding any imagination: 964 233 600 years! Almost immortality! It means that “The Templar Knights’ Order “started up after a mega-hour since Jesus was borne and He said that will return Him when, exactly? How many mega-hours? Just to may computerize as much precisely that we can. Maybe in two mega hours? It means that He must come back in 2200 or 2233. Considering that His gashes provoked by human beings for less than two mega-hours He should be still (here-) in resuscitation service.

3. c.- Gods committed mistakes too – not even they were absolutely perfect:

All clues show us that we`re living inside an accelerated Time. The fact that our planet is rotating faster and faster around its own axis is inducing us to line in a more alert time and cut back our life. Is our average`s hope life doubled? Let`s be serious! We`re living the same length shared out in a more alert time, knowing that because the Shuman frequency’s increasing, we have only two third or even just a half of hours which human beings lived once at real every day. For the Gods it should be very convenient to realize that they could leave their word for a minute to live more than eighteen years on our planet. Where haven`t we a certain place in which the humans convicted to death could be sent convinced that in less than ours five minutes they will turn into dust, without breaking the divine law that tell us not to kill? Who are the backslidden and chased away angels because they rise against God and against His Order (according to my drawings, angels and animals lining on their planet did really have wings, only their human issues “lost” them, but not for all, if we remind us the scapular bone inside an energetic network detaining a easy changed; we can just remember of the saint bullock named Apis but also the Greek flying horse called Pegasus)? And ejected where? Could we explain so the existence of the so called bloody-minded Gods, being abettors to abominably murders within the so called humans sacrifices rituals, but also the “Blood Rivers” flowing for unhealthy minds` satisfaction? How much was horrified the peaceful Gods when thy came back to Earth and they saw these practices’ effects? What became humans that pleased murderous Gods? What did the peaceful Gods do with humans founded between stronghold`s walls covered with sculptures and bones representing the horrors committed at blooded Gods spur? What their mysterious extinction is hiding? Or the retarded humans’ bloody customs started from the misunderstanding abandoned knowledge left by the civilized having good intentions Gods that explained to humans as “fairy stories for children “how our universe (void, stars, planets, rockiness and wild) was started very long, long time ago by sacrificing a SGBH (a real son of God as size?) to whom the net and others SGBHs ripped off and absorbed its power and “Big Mesh Trammel” ( meaning its blood and heart!)? Is it possible that the Mayan high priests wished to repeat the misunderstood myth of creation, hoping that to put up with the raging nature they first destroyed pending their fight for surviving and civilization progress? Did they want to improve the Gods to become their friends again? The corporal punishment enforced to Prometheus, the God that brought the forbidden (as understanding level) knowledge`s fire to the humans could be absolutely duly and also looks more likely as the loneliness (as a top of a mountain)of man wolfed inside him by compunctions, as Prometheus thinking to the Mayan people (begging to the Mayan Eagle) memorial.

3.d. – Did Gods manage genetical engineering to create a human hybrid for relieving communication with barbarous humans and submitting them as inferior entities?

Or reverting to my theory, how convenient could be in such conditions to wish a baby and have him in a (mega) minute since his conception, not only almost an adult and detaining an adequate volume of high wide-knowledge not only for his time, but also at an expected level acquired by frequenting a scientific institution approachable only to the so called “The One” selected each one by the big Insiders from the great Temples (some of them could be some of the most educated Gods, special sent “here “to train the young generation of gods or half gods even to take the lead on Earth and ancient humans).How many parents are dreaming and trembling looking forwards to their children`s future, wishing to see them growing up faster to become adults? Nothing more simple: Gods could just send genetically material and wait for “The big Appointment” with their young descendant. Do we have enough proves that such events ever happened on Earth? Why not? We have plenty of them, even in the Holly Bible: after Sara and Abram, Ana and her husband Achim that couldn`t have any children were at an old age to the Temple (scientific and cultural center, established by the powerful Gods themselves` ambassadors) and, after promises that their future child shall be donated to the holly Temple (to the holly science, in fact), Ana gave birth (long time ago) her daughter Maria that, at a certain age, in the name of her parent`s promises was carried to the Temple and in time She was warned that She will get birth to the Son of God (by the way: we all are His sons and daughters, but Jesus could be the Gods` Son, Gods being more evoluted sons and daughters of the Universe`s Divine Network as God). Here we should consider the fact that at the end Maria didn`t die, She was FALLEN ASLEEP soon after She was PICKED UP TO THE SKYS; even the resurrected Jesus announce His apostles that He`ll lift Himself “at His Father`s right hand that possessing an endless Kingdom, to Judge (to study life on Earth?) the dead and alive”.

Falling back on the scene that an Archangel announced Maria that She`ll have a baby seems to belong to an everyday activity displayed inside a modern clinic, in which the patient is announced about the medical tests’ results. Later, when Maria`s life was in danger, the Angels protected Her innocence face to Josef, the man that Maria was promised to be his wife. The Holly Conception seems to hide a scientific project that created a human hybrid – a bridge, even genetically, between two civilizations living in a parallel existence, inside the Time flowing at different speeds. More than that, maybe Gods wished to create hybrids more intelligent than humans, speedier than Gods, more resistant during the fight against Time, cleared out of gene of anger (the real demon of evil) and so, in the name of his divine ascendance and his obtained thoughtfulness philosophy inside the Temple, to organize as states and to gently rule the human beings so as being able to put stop to all kinds of wars. Or, Maria could be just a substitute-mother. This could be shocking. I know this. The legend confirming that the divine descendants of the Gods here on Earth (the kings, in cause) could have a blue blood could indicate us that the vital Gods fluid is absorbing the existing energy around them (logical, thinking at supposition that their kingdom could be in the middle of an energetic gush), in contradistinction to the red blood that is warming and feeding the tissues whichever it flows, delivering its energy collected from inside the organism`s metabolic product that the red blood flows? The legends are offering us different clues about a scientific activity, as for example the fact that they are presenting us dark stories as that the first Merovingian King could be conceived with a Fish (an ancient symbol of life, as Egyptian Ankh named also The Key of Life). Inside a modern clinic, a small drop of a certain biologic material all-important to conceive life, surveyed through a microscope would reveal a whole congestion of vivacious “fishes” to a person belonging to a primitive community, but having for a short time access (even accidentally) to an extremely advanced race technology. Perhaps, They wished to study, including emotionally at an approachable/possible level , the scientific intercession subject’s response in different phases of the experiment, in purpose to realize a full picture of the study’s results and to conclude the most relevant conclusions needed to continue to continuing and improving the research. Because they are needing us. Desperately. Because living one hundred years in any time isn’t satisfying if u know that it could exist away to transform one hundred years in almost a billion years in our time and which ever to live it totally creating an able hybrid to unify the both types of races and of time, this is a big achievement! And Mary wasn’t alone. It was also John the Baptist, but this one being a man and also being the first hybrid generation, in contradistinction of Jesus, the anger gene remained present and this made it permanently to fight against Irod, the fact that took him to death. Not even Jesus wasn’t alone at his time, but he took part from a group. In time, some others are remembered as Apollonius from Tiana, Simon the Magician and Mithras, all born from virgins on 25th December. A no-singular scientific project to improve the human race? Were they working to build a “bridge” between the two worlds? It is perfectly possible. More ancient stories remind us of queen Ty and her son, Amenophis the fourth that became later Akhenaton (the eretic king of semi god wishing to obligate to Egyptian people the monotheistic divination of Sun God Aton and the nonaggression?) and his wife Nefertiti, the beautiful lady that no one knows where did she come from but she was supporting her husband in all, convinced that all he said is perfectly true. Could she be too a daughter of the Gods and met each other inside the Temple where they together brought their knowledge? As real men of letters in their times, they asked to be represented as they were in reality without useless improvements, scientific and historical destructive. Could be the son of queen Ty a real half Gods? Would he lived inside a temple far away of his mothers family where he brought special knowledge? His childhood isn’t described besides Amenophis the Third, and he still succeeded to the throne! Queen Ty knew what she knew! Her self was a “Gods’ wife”, perhaps she had a half Goddess status and Amenophis the Third could be very proud to be her husband. The Akhenaton`s misbelieving started from his special knowledge obtained inside the Temple from its wisest Insiders. This means that the Temple wasn`t just a some common Temple. Didn’t queen Ty, which her natural son was dead, wish as a successor for her dead husband’s throne a step son that could lost her privileges and moving forward as a queen mother on inferior wife of her husband? Did she brought from the Temple of wisest Insiders’ world, on the Egyptian throne, a son of the Gods which who she can share the co-regency and avoid a humiliating situation?

3.e. – The Tree Sloth looks, by eyewitness, like chupacabra!

Is it a slow motion of time to bring us automatically to deactivation of the evil gene? The accelerated rhythm can make us more aggressive? Maybe in our world it’s hard to see a “slow movi

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