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Romania and the global competition

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Autori: Cismaş Laura, Vãdãsan Ioana, Imbrescu Ion

Editorial: Prof. Ioan Mihai, Ph.D., Prof. Michel Volle Ph.D., Prof. Ioan Talpoş Ph.D., Prof. Nathalie Guibert Ph.D., Assist. Prof. Francois Fulconis, Ph.D., Universitãţii de Vest din Timişoara, The III-rd International conference, Economicy and transformation management, University of the West, Faculty of Economic Sciences, „Jean Monnet”European Centre Of Excellence The School of High Comparative European Studies (SISEC), Universite , ISSN 1842-4880, p.63-73, 2006.


In the year 2000, at the Lisbon European Council, the European Union proposed a very challenging agenda, according to which, in the following 10 years, the EU would become the most competitive knowledge based economy in the world. In time, analyzing the accomplishment of the objectives and concrete settled targets, it has been proved that the strategy has failed. Europe is beyond as for the economic growth. Many important countries from the Euro zone have an important public deficit, superior to the limit of 3% of GDP, as settled by the Treaty of Maastricht (it is the case for France, Germany, the United Kingdom or Italy). Besides, another of Europe’s problems is an important demographic decline, and an older population. Consequently, two thirds of the European states budgets are allocated for education, health and pensions.

Logically, we can ask ourselves what place will Romania have in the world competition? We don’t raise the question of whether Romania will integrate the European Union, but under what conditions the integration will take place, in Europe, organically, as a society. The main economic processes in which Romania is simultaneously involved are the globalization, the European economic integration and the internal transition towards a market economy.

The study presented in the present paper will allow a correct and more fundamental scientific explanation of the globalization shock for the Romanian economy, of its positive and negative consequences, as well as of the new strategies that have to be applied, for a sustainable economic growth of Romanian economy competitiveness.

Cuvinte cheie: competiţie globalã, globalizare, integrare economicã, dezvoltare economicã, creştere sustenabilã // global competition, globalization, economic integration, economic development, sustainable growth