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X and Gamma – Ray CAT Investigation of Fungia fungites L. (Cnidaria, Scleractinia) Coral Skeleton

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Autori: Octavian Duliu, Florentin Preoteasa, Costel Rizescu, Gheorghe Georgescu

Editorial: Journal of Trace and Microprobe Techniques, Volume 21, No. 3, p.493 – 500, 2003.


A comparative investigation of the same specimen of scleractinian Fungia fungites L. coral skeleton performed by means of both X-and Gamma-ray computer axial tomographyhas revealed several features such as annual growth rings, gastro-vascular cavity or sclerosepta to sixths order and more. The apparent thickness of sclerosepta varied between 0.1 and 0.19 mm while the number of growth rings allows us to estimate the average annual growth ratio to about 8 mm/year. Although X-ray computer axial tomography images appear to be of a better quality, no significant differences concerning sensitivity or spatial resolution could be noticed between the two categories of tomographs.

Cuvinte cheie: Computer tomography, X-ray, Gamma-ray, Scleractinian corals