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2. Reengineering as Efficient Solution to Redesign Activities and Processes of an Enterprise

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Autori: Laura Stefanescu, Laura Ugureanu, Viorel Matei

Editorial: Reprograph, Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, VolumeIII_Issue2(4)_Summer2008, p.161-166, 2008.


The paper shows a series of opportunities linked to the technological, human and economical reengineering of activities and technological processes developed in a modern enterprise, adding new dimensions in the efficient development, on the market principles, in argument with the desiderate of the durable development of the society.
Starting with these considerations we designed aspects linked to: business reengineering implementation, stages of this process, accentuating the management methods, delimitation on areas of activity of the effects on reengineering action.

Cuvinte cheie: business reengineering process, reengineering enterprise, models and methods for reengineering project