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Editorial: 2006.


Stressed the democratization of social life, a „down” time leader in the area of political life, and at organizations’ leadership in transforming art science results, to increase productivity in any area of activity has led to the emergence of a different type of leader „( Goleman, 2005, 29). Leadership behavior, characterized by a marked team spirit, with a real participatory management, can contribute to an increased feeling of well-prepared to follow the leader of the organization.
Culture tends to become a star concept nowadays. Without an organizational culture in the company’s image and identity outside her inside existã.Valorile not dominant in an organization, the philosophy that guides organizational policy with regard to both their employees and customers, are elements of the culture of an organization.
Organizations differ in terms of atmosphere, the way that works, the energy level of each individual part. The emergence in the organization of a new management team brings, rule changes. Remain, what’s right, the conservative, with customs, myths and heroes organization. But the new leader comes to focus his personality, which may even influence the organization’s culture. Not talking politics than „presidential administration”? Similarly, and in the life of an organization may require a leader who subsequently enter into „folklore” organization.
The paper’s aims to bring items for understanding the components genesis and organizational culture and the importance of cultivating leadership as a prerequisite for achieving the objectives of the organization.

Cuvinte cheie: leadership, cultura organizationala // leadership, organizational culture