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Applied Hydraulic Transients for Hydropower Plants and Pumping Stations.

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Autori: MihailPopescu,Dumitru Arsenie, Paul Vlase

Editorial: Balkema Publisher,Lisse,Abingdon,Exton,Tokyo, p.329pp, 2003.


This book deals with transients hydraulic computation for hydroelectric plants and pumping station using numerical methods.The following subjects are treated in this volume: The waterhammer phenomenon in hydraulic systems under pressure; Experimental results concerning the waterhammer; Hydraulic resonance in hydroelecric power plants and pumping station; Mass oscillation in hydraulic surge sistems; Experimental resultsin the study of mass oscillations; Hydraulic power plants and pumping stations designed in complex hydraulic schemes; Computation of unsteady motions in the intermediate domain between fast and slow motions.
The book is more than a standard monograph based on previously published results.It is pimarily based on the theoretical and applied results obtained by the authors
during more than 20 yares of practice and research devoted to problems of hydraulic computation in the desing of a significant number of hydroelectric power plants and pumping station in Romania that are now in operation. The book is equally addressed to engineers and practitioners working in desing and operation of hydraulic structures,a well as to academics working in this area of research .

Cuvinte cheie: Hydraulica aplicata transitorie,Uzine hidroelectrice,Statii de pompare // Applied Hydraulic Transients,Hydropower Plants,Pumping Stations