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Appropriation in Outer Space: The Relationship Between Land Ownership and Sovereignty on the Celestial Bodies

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Autori: Virgiliu Pop

Editorial: Elsevier, Space Policy, Volume 16, Issue 4, p.275-282, 2000.


This article analyses the impact of the non-appropriation principle of the Outer Space Treaty over landed property rights on the
celestial bodies, proving that, while appropriation of land may exist outside the sphere of sovereignty, its survival is dependent upon
endorsement from a sovereign entity. A State endorsment would violate the non-appropriation principle, and abrogation of this
principle would be both undesirable and unlikely to happen. The only sovereign entity entitled to manage and to endorse
extraterrestrial real estate is the whole international community assembled in the UN, holding extraterrestrial real estate in trust for
the bene”t of the humankind.

Cuvinte cheie: Property Rights, Sovereignty, Space Law