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An anatomical study of the thyroid arteries anastomoses.

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Autori: Jianu AM, Motoc A, Mihai AL, Rusu MC.

Editorial: Rom J Morphol Embryol. , 50(1), p.97-101, 2009.


Collateral circles in neck own a particular importance in compensating the symptoms due to the unilateral occlusion of the common carotid
artery. In addition, surgical procedures at the level of the thyroid gland and larynx raise the problem of a good knowledge of the arterial
morphology at those levels. The present study was designed to investigate the possible morphologies of the thyroid arteries anastomoses.
For the present study, 20 human adult specimens were dissected, 15 in cadavers and other five on laryngeal specimens drawn at
autopsies. Dissections evidenced bilateral and unilateral anastomoses of the thyroid arteries classified as extra laryngeal and intra
laryngeal, the former constantly being represented by the supra isthmic arcade made by the superior thyroid arteries and the retrolobar
anastomoses of the superior and inferior thyroid arteries. Constant intra laryngeal anastomoses were those of the superior laryngeal artery
with the inferior laryngeal artery and, respectively, with the cricothyroid artery. The analogy with the cardiac collateral circulation, the
thyroid arteries anastomoses may be classified as intrathyroid and interthyroid arterial anastomoses. We also present in this paper a rare
variant that we did not find described in the references we investigated, represented by the paramedian perilaryngeal anastomose of the
suprahyoid branch emerged from the lingual artery and the cricothyroid artery sent by the superior thyroid artery. The thyroid arteries
supply the collateral circles in neck; the clinicians must be aware

Cuvinte cheie: thyroid artery, laryngeal artery, cricothyroid artery, lingual artery, levator glandulae thyroideae muscle