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Chemical constituents of the essential oils of Nepeta nuda L. ssp. nuda (Lamiaceae) from Romania

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Autori: Padure Ioana Marcela, Mihaiescu D., Badulescu L., Burzo I.

Editorial: ROMANIAN ACADEMY Institute of Biology - Bucharest, Romanian Journal of Biology - Plant Biology, 53(1), p.31-38, 2008.


The essential oils of Nepeta nuda L. ssp. nuda obtained by hydrodistillation using neo-Clevenger extractor have been analysed and characterized by capillary GC-FT-IR systems. Eucalyptol was the most abundant component of N. nuda oils in different percentages: chemotype Basarabi (34,8%), Frasinei (44,87%), and Herculane (31,9%). Nepetalactone isomers were found in all ecotypes in various amounts due to ecological conditions, analytical method and plant phenophase.

Cuvinte cheie: essential oils, Nepeta nuda, Lamiaceae, ecotypes