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New phthalocyanine-type compounds-synthesis, characterization and applications in gas microsensors

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Autori: C Boscornea, Lavinia Hinescu, C Moldovan, S Tomas, A Diacon

Editorial: Editura Printech , Proceedings of the 16th Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering RICCCE XVI 9-12 September 2009, ISBN 978-606-521-349-4, p.SVI.2-SVI., 2009.


The paper presents the research work performed in order to obtained new
original materials which reunite, in condensed systems, the phthalocyanine
chromogene with azomethine type compounds. The new materials are aimed to have
the cumulated properties of its precursors, being by synergism „more intelligent”
then each partner reuniting the specific properties of phthalocyanines and
azomethines. It also presents the manufacture and testing of resistive integrated
microsensors, using as sensitive and conductive layer copper and zinc
phthalocyanines, used for the detection of NO2 and NOx in polluted atmosphere, at
room temperature.

Cuvinte cheie: phthalocyanine, azomethine, microsensors, nitrous oxides.