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Autori: Henry Shephard

Editorial: Library of Congress, USA, Purcarian roots of Dionysus, p.35, 2008.


The textual, archaeological, linguistical and ethnographic evidence examined in this study supports the view that the Lower Dniester region is one of the oldest regions of winemaking. The documents, artifacts and linguistic evidence containing information in relation to origins of winemaking from prospective of the origins of Dionysian cult is focused on the fullest archaeological and textual evidence from Circum-Pontic and east Mediterranean regions. The role and impact of wine on the culture and religion of ancient lands of Lower Dniester and early Indo-Europeans represented by archaeological evidences is illustrated in many ways. Reexamination of the Dionysian mythology by means of the interdisciplinary approach shows strong evidence of its place of origin.

Cuvinte cheie: originea de vinificatie, originea cultului Dionis, mitology, istoria religii // origins of Dionysian cult, origins of viniculture, comparative mythology, history of religions