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Large deflection distributed plasticity analysis of 3D semi-rigid steel frameworks

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Autori: Chiorean, C.G., Barsan, G.M

Editorial: H. Rasheed, Proc. of International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, p.84-96, 2009.


This paper presents an integrated system for advanced structural analysis and seismic performance evaluation of 3D steel frameworks with rigid or flexible connections. The non-linear inelastic static analysis employed herein uses the accuracy of the fibber-finite elements approach for inelastic frame analysis and address its efficiency and modeling shortcomings through the use of only one element to model each physical member of the frame. The proposed model has been implemented in a matrix structural-analysis computer program that also accounts for geometric nonlinearity, semi-rigid connections and initial imperfections. The proposed software is presented as an efficient, reliable tool ready to be implemented into design practice for advanced analysis and pushover analysis of spatial frame structures.

Cuvinte cheie: Plastic zone analysis; Semi-rigid frameworks;Advanced analysis