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Evolutionary and taxonomic aspects within the species group Pseudocandona eremita (Vejdovsky´ ) (Ostracoda, Candonidae)

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Autori: Sanda Iepure, Tadeusz Namiotko, Dan L. Danielopol

Editorial: Hydrobiologia , 585, p.159-180, 2007.


The contribution deals with evolutionary
and taxonomic aspects of the stygobitic
ostracod lineage Pseudocandona eremita (Ostracoda,
Candonidae). It is based on a comparative
study of the morphology of both the carapace and
limbs of individuals belonging to eight populations
from Romania (three reproducing bisexually,
the others by parthenogenesis). Left valves
display various outline shapes, classified in two
morphotypes, the ”dorsally rounded shape” and
the ”triangular shape”. The intra- and interpopulation
shape variability of these valves is
described using geometric morphometrics and
multivariate statistics. It is shown that the more
flat carapace occurs frequently in populations
living in gravel-sand habitats. Moreover, variability
of 12 morphological limb characters taken on
females is quantitatively evaluated by discriminant
analysis. The character state of the m process
of the male copulatory organ gives the most
reliable information for the separation of the
three bisexual populations in different species:
P. serbani Danielopol, P. danubialis sp. nov. and
P. transylvanica sp. nov. Short descriptions of the
latter two species are presented. For the five
parthenogenetic populations where no particular
discriminant trait could be found, a solution of
compromise is adopted, i.e. they are temporary
assigned to Pseudocandona eremita (Vejdovsky´ ,
1882, Thierische Organismen der Brunnenwa¨sser
von Prag. Prag) sensu lato.

Cuvinte cheie: Crustacea, Ostracoda, Candonidae, morfologie comparativa, taxonomie, evolutie // hydrobiology