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ECOROM – Indicators System Proposal of Quality Certification in Ecotourism

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Hornoiu Remus, Tanase Mihai Ovidiu, Nistoreanu Puiu

Editorial: Vasile Dinu, ASE, Amfiteatru Economic, XI(26), p.330-338, 2009.


Open to trends in tourism development on European and world level, Romanian tourism improves under its impact, developing specific recognition criteria at global level, regarding the quality of services and cultural and natural attractions it owns. Developing a set of indicators based on performance which can be integrated into the ecotourism certification, provides an objective and scientific assessment of implementation and development of programs in tourism, taking into consideration their efficiency and, on this basis, embracing appropriate strategic decisions. Starting from the international experience in the field of certification, it was synthesized, in this paper, a set of core indicators that can be implemented in every local community, as a first step in the process of certification of the services offered to tourists. There were analyzed over 30 international certification systems, aiming both common points but also differentiation elements. Combining the international experience in this field with national specificities, a set of indicators is proposed, this paper, that may lead to a national certification system of ecotouristic services within a local community. The deployment of such a system in the tourism branch represents a first step for quality services, for the modernization of the Romanian tourism in accordance to some of the newest trends existing in the world: the requirements of sustainable tourism.

Cuvinte cheie: certificare, sistem de indicatori, ecoturism, dezvoltarea durabilã, dezvoltarea durabilã a turismului // certification, indicator system, ecotourism, sustainable development, sustainable tourism.