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Applied Computational Mathematics in Social Sciences

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Autori: Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

Editorial: Bentham Science Publishers, 2010.


The book is an interdisciplinary approach that combines knowledge from Applied Computational Mathematics and Social Sciences with the scope to observe, analyze and discuss the evolution of an artificial society composed by intelligent agents created in the frame of NetLogo platform. The book is organized like this: (i) the first chapter is the introduction of the book that gives the essential information to the reader, regarding the two major fields approached by the book: Applied Computational Mathematics and Social Sciences, (ii) the second chapter will describe multi agentbased computational model of the artificial society that will be constructed by using knowledge from Social Sciences, (iii) the third chapter will describe the implementation in NetLogo of the multi agent-based model, described in the first chapter, and (iii) the fourth chapter will use the computational model implemented in the second chapter for a set of computational experiments by using NetLogo; (iv) the last chapter will present the conclusions of the computational experiments done in the fourth chapter.

Cuvinte cheie: Applied Computational Mathematics, Social Sciences, multi agent-based model, computational experiments by using NetLogo