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ESREL 2011 – Annual Conference of the European Safety & Reliability Association, 18-22 Sept. 2011, Troyes, France

NEWS: the online submission system of abstracts is STILL OPEN untill 30 january. After that, there will remain the possibility to edit online the already submitted abstract.

The deadline for submission of full papers is 31 March 2011. The deadline for abstracts was on 15 January 2011.

A special session will be organized on the topic „Techno-social Innovations for the Management of Environmental Risks”,


Ioan M. Ciumasu, University of Versailles, Econoving International Chair, and Enrico Zio, Chair Systems Science and Energetic Challenge, Ecole Centrale Paris – Supelec,

In order to submit an abstract for this special session, please attach a note to the submitted abstract, mentioning the session title.

If you are interested in the topic but not able to attend this conference, why not discuss it by email or phone: , 0033-139-255163

Topic details: Potential papers for this special session should describe highly collaborative research projects and results at the interface between technical and social systems, with a special concern about environmental and sustainability details. Potential keywords (open list): smart
grids, urban infrastructure, complex system behavior, eco-city, eco-innovation, techno-social system, technological transitions, management of techno-social transitions, radio-active risks, environmental risks, risk management, tools for decision making.